Propane is one of the best tools out there, keeping properties warm and ensuring the power stays on even in the direst of moments. If you’re ready to set your property on the right path for safety and comfort, these are the top three reasons a propane generator is your best backup.

1. They’re Instant And Reliable

The best thing about a propane generator is that propane doesn’t freeze and can handle almost anything thrown at it. As long as the tank itself isn’t cracked or damaged, propane can handle temperatures lower than are natural to Earth.

This means if your power grid goes out because of a freezing storm, you can still enjoy the incredible warmth and comfort that propane brings to the table.

These generators can also click on the moment your power goes out, giving you just mere seconds when you’ll have to deal with the dark and bringing heat back before any of the previous warmth is really gone.

2. Available if Pumps Go Down

When all power goes down, you don’t have to call your propane supplier to get your energy back on. Propane is usually based in tanks, so if the grid is down or gas lines are out, you don’t have to worry.


Your tank and generator will keep your home safe, warm, and cozy for as long as it’s fuel. Most propane suppliers deliver, which means you don’t have to go out of your way for it, either!

3. Heat Evenly And Affordably

Uneven heating can lead to cold spots in your home, sudden heat waves, high bills, and general discomfort. Propane is more affordable than electricity, uses less fuel to run, and keeps smooth and even heat throughout the entire time it runs.

You don’t have to deal with listening to your heater clicking on and off, and it struggles to find balance as it does with electricity. Instead, propane will keep it at a comfortable temperature that feels effortless.

Winters have the harshest weather for many, so keeping it warm will ensure you don’t have to stress about staying comfortable and keeping your bills low even if you’re running off of an emergency generator.

How Do I Take Care of a Propane Tank?

Taking care of a your tank isn’t hard! You simply have to make sure it doesn’t get dented or cracked, ensure you check its levels, so it never hits empty and know when to call for maintenance and refueling.

Although some assume you just call when your tank is empty, this isn’t a good idea. Letting tanks run dry can lead to moisture getting in and future leaks that will cost you money and waste good propane.


There’s nothing as awesome as a propane tank that’s in working order, so take your time caring for it, and you’ll love the heat and reliability it gives back.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Propane!

Propane heats evenly, keeps costs down, works off-grid, and is one of the best investments you can make in a property. Consider making the switch soon!