Anyone involved in this business faces several challenges. The most complicated part of the job is definitely looking for a project, because you have to constantly fight with competitors. When we talk about challenges, we mean a few of the most common situations such as bid on the wrong jobs, misinterpretation of RFP requirements, lack of time to bid, and so on.

However, there are a few simple ways you can accomplish more construction bids. So have confidence in your abilities and use a few of our tips, so you can start to bid like a pro. To make this article completely trustworthy and valuable to you, we asked Dallas Nugent Toronto contractor for expert advice.

Pay attention to the competition


It is important to get to know your competition, because that way you will have a great offer. This is an opportunity to get more offers, because you will have more guidelines. It is necessary to monitor the market and construction offers. This will best influence your business profile and give you more options when it comes to finding a job. There are sites online that also offer guides or information on various projects.

There are also networking tools to help you connect with others and establish communication. However, you can also join the list of those who offer, publish projects or promote the company. Things like this are a great way to prepare for a project, because you will know in advance what criteria you have to meet. In addition, you will be instructed in the criteria of competition, which will help you learn how to better sell your services.

Don’t accept just about every job

Of course, this applies to suggestions that do not suit you. For example, a construction job can bring you many business opportunities, but it is important to choose carefully. Our advice is to take the time to get the best idea for the project. This way you will achieve much higher quality and have a better reputation. In the long run, this is a much more efficient approach. Projects are chosen in a targeted way, and you will achieve that if you focus on those most important things.

It’s definitely your niche, because you’re doing what you really do best. Of course, choose those projects that involve continued cooperation. Better than a new project is a regular customer. Stay realistic. If a particular project is too big a bite for you, give it up. Sometimes you simply will not have enough funds to work, and in that case you can just waste time or end up with a poorly executed project.



There is no need to work with people who actually have no power in making decisions. This way you just waste your time and stand still. You can spend so much energy on those who can’t give you a job. Instead, ask who is in charge. So, be aware of who has priority in the project and address them directly.

This will give you a better understanding of the client’s organizational structure. Once you have done this, spend as much time with them as possible. Remember that mutual trust is the most important thing in business, and that is a sure way to gain it. Otherwise, people will not recognize you and therefore do not trust you enough. You need to be seen as a person, not just as one performer in a sea of ​​others, because then you are easily interchangeable.


You must not forget your qualifications, because that is how you will achieve values. So feel free to write about them and prove that you are actually the best for the project. In addition, talk about your experience. This way you will surely stand out from the competition, because you may meet the needs of the client more than the others.

When you have a good reputation, things get a lot easier. A lot of them do this wrong and focus on prices first. Instead, focus on your value. For example, present your experts as responsible people, people who are flexible, have control over the project and offer excellent service.



Explain the return on investment to the client. You will succeed by doing your homework and analyzing the offer beforehand. This way, the owners will know what is expected of them, which means that you will have a more professional approach. Honesty is highly valued in this business and so bring out all the design details. You can also talk to people who have already worked with potential clients. Thanks to these conversations, you can learn a lot, and any information will be useful to you because you will get an impression of what they like.

Don’t show sum in your bid but share the cost. This way, clients will get a better insight into the entire business, and you will have the opportunity to express your opinion better. For example, talk about cost allocation related to equipment, materials, etc. The other side needs to have the right perspective.


This is definitely another way to boost your productivity and gain more customers. People mostly think that they have lost to competitors due to the lower price, but it is much more than that. By increasing productivity, you won’t have to cut costs or compromise quality. This will allow you to complete projects faster and use the remaining time for other tasks.

That is why our advice is to always apply for more projects that suit you. To get to them, use software, partnering with a distributor, improving safety training, etc. You can even find subcontractors in a matter of a few hours with the help of Sure-Bid software. How does it work learn at

By using technology, you can establish better control over construction costs. In addition, communication on the ground is getting much better. It is also better to communicate in the office, with the operator and in other places. Mobile apps have a number of features that will make this process easier for you no matter where you are at the moment. For example, you can use them to document photos, update processes, enter time, and manage field data.


So, the goal of every contractor is to find an offer that suits him completely. That is why it is important to assess the situation in detail. Otherwise you can’t compete, complete the project and stay in this business.