Online betting has been experiencing expansion, ever since the pandemic has started, and anti-pandemic measures have been introduced. All of a sudden, we’ve started facing the lack of social life and everything started slowly moving online. But even before this, many chose to bet from home, or while they are on the move, because of lack of free time to visit the venues. Online betting has made things a lot more accessible, generally.

However, many are struggling to understand whether this is a good thing or bad, having a sort of mixed feelings. Because everything that happened in the past year happened so fast and turned our lives upside down. We had to completely change our life habits. That’s why in this article we’ll have a small debate and try to make a list of all pros and cons of betting from home.

1. Flexibility


Pro. It’s a fact that online betting has made it possible to place a wager wherever you are and whenever you want to. You’re the master of your time. It comes with so many benefits, normal betting venues would never be able to give you, like no more running to the betting shops to place a wager on time, because you’ve just realized that the game is starting in ten minutes. The worst of all is when you realize you can’t make it on time, and the score is exactly what you predicted it would be. There goes your precious reward. Sometimes even the workers are too slow and influence you to miss out on a possible gain.

Betting from home enables you to create a list of matches you want to follow in a couple of days and create alerts, so you don’t forget. And it’s all done with a couple of taps on your phone. You have it with you all the time, anyway. It takes only a couple of seconds for the process to be complete. You’ll have all the time you need to choose the pairs you wish to bet on, and your home will provide you with all the silence you need.

Con. Betting whenever you can, can result in spending too much time on the activity, and developing an addiction. Especially, if you have a family – they can easily feel neglected. Spending too much time betting puts you at risk of spending too much money, as well. You lose track of time and budget. Betting shops have a social component, that’s not always bad. You sit down, talk to people over a coffee, and fill out the ticket. Betting from home simply seems a bit lonely at times. In any case, it takes a strong mind to develop self-control and keep the activity at normal.

2. Ability to choose


Pro. Looking at a variety of different betting shops, it’s noticeable that there are a lot more online betting platforms than there are places for sports betting in your local community. This gives a player a variety of choices, based on which he can choose where he wants to place a wager. The choice can be made based on the bonuses, betting odds, or simply the appearance of the website. The choice also refers to the type of sports on which you can bet. Some platforms offer a variety of sports, such as, some are specialized in only one type, for example, horse racing.

Con. Having too many accounts opened on different platforms may confuse you. Yes, most of them have mobile versions and you can access them on the phone, but what happens when you change phones and have to remember all the passwords. And, just as explained in the previous point, sometimes a choice can lead to too much time spent on tracking results and placing bets. It affects your social life.

3. Less Manipulative costs


Pro. Betting from home, or betting online, is not tying you to any specific location, therefore manipulative costs are a lot less or there’s none at all. Betting venues had to introduce a certain percentage they take off your payment when you score. It’s not much, often doesn’t exceed 5%, however, if you have an option to avoid it completely, like when betting from home, why would you agree to it, you can try it on

Con. It would sound too perfect if the gain you make from scoring would all go to you, in one piece. Then, what would the platforms live on? Even though their manipulative costs are nothing comparing to the ones in traditional venues, there’s still a percentage they’ll take off your payment when you draw funds (approximately 25).

4. Access to history of past bets


Pro. Having access to all the wagers you’ve made in the past is a useful thing for planning your betting budget and track down the logic based upon you’ve calculated the odds. It’s all in one place, and also useful for analyzing the probability of future outcomes. Sports betting requires a bit of knowledge based on which you’ll calculate the odds of a certain team to win.

Con. Relying too much on technology in this case is not always a smart idea. There were times when people could have done these analytics, just by watching matches and enjoying sports. Your phone or your laptop may break, and then you’re left without your number one tool.

5. Privacy


Pro. If you want to keep things private with your betting activity, this is a pro. All is kept on your account, and no one can have access to it unless you wish to grant them. In the venues, there’s always that one guy spying on what you’re writing and then stealing your method. At home, it doesn’t happen.

Con. Your account can be hacked, and if you had a deposit on it, you can kiss it goodbye. It’s nothing that happens too frequently, but since the activity is online, you are definitely vulnerable.

Betting from home is something you’ll learn to love, even if you’re more of a fan of going to the venues. The reason you’ll do this is an increase in the service quality that keeps improving every day.