Video content demand is blowing up. Many businesses have adapted video content due to demand from consumers. You are probably yet to integrate video in your marketing plan and wonder why video is important. It is projected that by 2024 videos will be more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

If you have started, it’s time to create promotional video ads that enhance your business success. When you bring together the power of video ads and online advertising as projected by Spiel experts, you’ll end up with a powerhouse of results.

Let’s see how you can impact your business by creating a responsive promotional video.

How to Create Responsive Promotional Video


Ad content intends to entertain, inform, and target your audience. The same approach applies to a promotional video. They must have a hook to grab the audience’s attention, or the audience prefers to skip them.

Your business’s success depends on your creativity and its approach to your promotional videos. They are useful when you target the right market and make them believe in their authenticity. If you are promoting a product, your audience would like to see people interact with your product in real-life experience.  And here are 4-ways you can prove the authentic experience using your promotional videos.

Focus on a Piece of Content

Identify a problem that affects your audience and educate them on overcoming their struggles to a lasting solution. You can simplify the process by sharing with them in summary and ensure it adds value without giving too much information.

Case Studies & Testimonials


A promotional video in this setup allows your customers to market your services or products. The best promotional approach is by briefly introducing the video topic and then let your customers take center stage awaiting the end part to give your audience a call to action.

Why do this kind of promotional video work? It directly shows how customers are interacting with your products or services. Actually, this is the only most trustworthy idea you can use to show your audience about your authenticity. As you go the testimonial way, consider customers who have never been on camera before. Look for a way to approach such testimonials to appear shy or a forced testimonial.

Behind the Scenes

Create behind scenes type of videos, especially if you have a huge fan base or premium product. It makes your audience appreciate what you do. The effect of behind the scenes videos, they solidify trust from your customers without having to tell them about the product. At least it takes them through a journey of your product creation process, and that eliminates any skeptical audience to believe in your products more.

When creating behind the scenes, a story in your promotional video helps to capture the attention of the audience. And then build more trust for the reason you created the product and how it was while showing them things it helped to change.



Another most powerful way to make your promotional video deliver results is to demonstrate it practically. A video showing how your product works and things it helps to change easily convince your audience when they see in what manner it solves a problem. It is advisable to do promotional videos for product demo if you demonstrate software or physical products.

Practical Steps When Creating your Promotional Video

Video Direction

Now that you have identified the most crucial steps of your promotional video, here is a list of ideas to better put everything in an orderly manner.

Introductory part – Make introduction to the audience, and explain the purpose of the video

Explanatory part – Explain to the audience how the product you are promoting works

Solution: Show how the audience how the situation was before the product and the new way after the product clearly showing its solution.

Narrative: Bring out story elements following the 3 elements (Plot, Conflict, and resolution) to help your audience understand better.

Action: Prompt the audience to take action such as order now.

Product focused – Introduce to the audience the product or feature.

Testimonials – Show your audience testimonials through interviews, soundbytes, and quotes around a specific theme.

Endorsement – Endorse the product by using influencers for easy approval of your audience.

Informative – Educate your audience by taking them through a journey, especially a tutorial angle.

Entertainment – Remember to put humor through the video to delight.

After you have set the video direction, put the final touches by refining your tone.

Video Tone


Don’t just plan everything out without setting the tone of your video. The tone is about what you want the audience to feel. If this is your first time, you need to A/B test your video. It is not an easy road, but it helps identify your audience’s soft spot. So, here is the approach you can use in your tone.

Conversational – Let your tone be casual and authentic

Urgency: Urge your audience to take action by making them feel it’s an opportunity they should not miss.

Humorous – Make your audience smile or laugh

Informative – Set a clear tone and make it brief.

Dramatic – Appear dramatic by moving your audience (emotionally)

Entertain – As you inform your audience, entertain them as well.

Inspirational – Apply inspiration to help drive action.

There are more ways you can build a tone depending on your audience’s response.

Video Duration


Decide your video’s duration, whether it’s 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 5 minutes. You should not that any promotional video exceeding 2 minutes tends to make the audience lose interest along the way.


Many videos are pumped online daily. Therefore, to remain relevant online, you frequently produce promotional video ads that connect with your audience. Make sure all the videos you create are authentic, and on the other hand, you will attract an authentic audience that responds to videos and take the intended action.