COD Warzone 2.0 has come again with this new DMZ extraction game mode. Unlike other modes, DMZ is an objective-driven game. Interestingly, all objectives are set in a PvPvE (player vs. player vs. environment) setting. This makes the game tactical and out-of-this-world. When you fail an extraction or die in a match, you lose everything you’ve ever got from loot.

So how do you survive and emerge as a champion? We have some tips to help you. With a two-way play style, DMZ allows you to loot for valuable weapons and items and complete faction missions before extraction.

If you want to learn new winning strategies for your DMZ gameplay, check out our Warzone 2 Wallhack. Meanwhile, here are some tips to help you survive and become a champion.

Best Tips to Survive DMZ and Emerge as a Champion


1. Don’t play DMZ like a Battle Royale

The DMZ mode of Warzone 2 is not a battle royale. Playing it as one is going to turn everything you do upside down. DMZ in COD Warzone 2 is like a sandbox mode that allows players with any skill level to choose their play style.

It provides players with great opportunities to loot and exfiltrate. However, if you’re new to this demilitarized zone (DMZ mode), it’s advisable to understand the gameplay first. DMZ is like a think-before-you-act. You don’t need to be running around looking for enemies to down.

2. Move slowly and carefully

DMZ is not a fast-paced game mode. So, it’s important to move around the map slowly and carefully. This is an excellent tip to remain alive in the game. You want to avoid making noise and attracting enemies’ attention. Remember, in this game mode, you’re up against non-human enemies. So it would help if you were as quiet as possible.

Don’t underestimate the AI soldiers. They can be dangerous and more aggressive than human enemy players. So, as you move around on the map, only attack the AI soldiers if you’re sure to get a kill. You want to avoid taking the fight to them and getting doomed in less than no time.

3. Move from cover to cover


No matter your skill level on other Call of Duty series, your chance of living is zero if you don’t use covers in the DMZ mode. Like in every FPS and battle cash game, taking cover or fighting from covers goes a long way in sustaining a player’s life.

In Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, you’ll drop in a large map, AI Mazrah, where you’ll find a lot of buildings, objects, and walls for hardcover. If you’re moving from cover to cover, it may take a while before the AI soldiers notice you. But, if you’ve been spotted, fighting from your shelter is also ideal for surviving.

4. Keep your eyes and ears open

While looting in the DMZ, you’ll find many valuable items like UAVs, heartbeat sensors, etc. These items can help you remain alert. The UAVs can help you identify enemies’ positions and movements to know when they’re close or far from you. Also, it’ll reduce your chance of getting sighted by AI enemies.

Secondly, listen attentively to sounds coming from the AI enemies. That way, you can identify where the sound is coming from and prepare for whatever it is. You don’t want to ignore a footstep behind you and get flanked by an enemy AI soldier.

5. Don’t rush into the Extraction site

If you want to survive and emerge as a champion in DMZ, you must play patiently and at a gradual pace. If you rush into the extraction site, get ready for a fatal death. Once you die, you lose all you’ve ever gotten from your loot.

AI Mazrah is a vast map, and it can be tempting to get to the extraction site quickly. But since you don’t want to lose, be patient and move gradually. You will survive and also make a successful extraction in the long run.



Unlike the other Call of Duty Warzone 2 series, the DMZ mode is hot and requires patience. You just need to understand that it’s not a battle royale. Playing it like one won’t give you what you want.

So, keep your eyes and ears open, move slowly, from cover to cover, and try not to jump into the extraction site immediately. These are the best tips to survive and emerge as a champion in DMZ.