Using stone products for your finishes can increase the value of your home. However, if you’re not careful, the total cost may go out of control. Here is everything you need to know about stone finishes cost.

Polishing and Restoration Cost

If you want to use natural stone for countertops and your floors, you will need between $400 and $1200. On average, homeowners part with about $750 for natural stone renovations.

It would be best if you catered to the cost of cleaning the house after the stone has been installed. Consequently, you should set about $5 per square foot for the cleaning process. Of course, your total cost will vary based on several factors. Fortunately, once the stone has been installed, it can protect your house for up to 15 years.


The benefits of adding natural stone floors to your home are many. In addition to improving the aesthetic value of your kitchen, living room, and other rooms, you will create a serene living environment. Keep in mind that travertine and Etrusco materials are the most used natural stone elements in many home remodeling projects.

Stone Restoration Cost

As indicated above, you will need about $5 to renovate each square foot with natural stone. Although the natural stone will protect your home for a very long time, you may need to replace it at some time. This usually happens when the surface becomes dirty or fades. When this happens, you may want to restore the floor walls or countertops to the original appeal.

You will have to hire somebody to clean, polish, and reseal the natural stone surfaces. While the general cost is $5 for each square foot, the price may increase depending on how your countertops or floors are shaped. Also, keep in mind that you will pay about $60 per hour during the renovation process.

Cost of Cleaning Natural Stone Surfaces


Marcus from tells us that before you can begin any restoration finishes, you must clean the service first. In some instances, the contractors will include the cleaning cost in the total refinishing price. If that is the case, they will come with some detergents and chemicals to get any cream or oil stuck within the stone. Once that process is complete, any dirt will be removed using a special vacuum. If the price is not included in the refinishing cost, you shouldn’t worry because the cleaning process will cost less than $1 for every square foot.

If you don’t want to pay for the cleaning, you can do it yourself.

This may involve just sweeping the surface to remove any debris on the floor. Your focus will then turn towards the stains on the surface. Each type of stain requires a specific removal method. In many cases, the removal method depends on the color of your stain. For instance, if an oil product caused the stain, then ammonia-based liquids can be used to remove those types of stains. On the other hand, stains caused by organic products may require the use of bleach and water.

Cost of Refinishing and Polishing Stones


You will spend between $2 and $8 for every square foot when you want to polish or refinish your stone surface. At the same time, you should ensure that the process of refinishing worn-out countertops and floors is done by an expert. The experts should use several techniques to refinish your stone surface. Some of the methods include the use of abrasive chemicals, a polish pad, or a sand disk. The combination of these materials will create a clean surface.

Other Costs

Level of Grime

The cost of finishing your natural stone surface will be influenced by the type of surface as well as the cleaning process. Generally, you will need a larger budget for floors that have never been restored for many decades. On the other hand, your budget will be considerably lower if you are dealing with a newer floor or countertop.

Stains and other forms of dirt on your countertops will definitely increase the overall cost. That is because you’ll spend a lot of money cleaning the stone surfaces. Fortunately, you can easily negotiate a lower cost if your countertops or floors don’t have any forms of stains.

Presence of Wear and Tear


The cost of finishing your natural stone surfaces will vary from one room to another. Some rooms are used more by the occupants. Consequently, these rooms have extensive wear and tear. They will require a substantial investment from yourself and the professional contractor. Similarly, some rooms such as the bedroom may have lower traffic. Consequently, your budget for the bedroom will be lower than your budget for the kitchen.


Tiles are supposed to be on the same level on your floor. Unfortunately, some natural stone tiles lose that level surface. The space between a higher and lower natural stone tile is called the lippage. If it is not corrected, it can cause slips and falls. Typically, you will hire a technician to push the higher tile to the other tiles level. The average price is $1 for every square foot.

Replacing Tiles or Slabs


Restoration may be a complicated process if a tile has become cracked. In that case, you may need to introduce a new natural stone tile. This decision should be arrived at with the help of a specialist. You may need to purchase the tile yourself and pay the specialist to install it. In some cases, you may need to budget for the entire floor or countertop.


It’s a good idea to buy natural stone products from a verified manufacturer. That is because they will offer a warranty for the products. In the unlikely event that the products get damaged within a particular time, any replacement and finishing process will be handled by the manufacturer. This reduces your overall refinishing costs and saves you a lot of money.


Your natural stone surfaces create an admirable and valuable home. If they do get damaged or worn out, you will need to repair or replace them. The first stage is creating an accurate budget. We hope that the tips we have shared above will help you plan for refinishing your natural stone floors and countertops.