Are you fond of cocktails? You must be undoubtedly aware of bitters as well. Bitters are considered as the salt and pepper for people who love drinking and making cocktails. They are produced by stepping several things such as citrus peels, spices, flowers, herbs, roots, etc. 

These things are barked in high-proof alcohol, flavoring agents that are concentrated, etc. All of these things help to bring in a perfect balance to the cocktails produced.   

While buying bitters, there are a few things that you should pay attention to so that you know you are buying the best one to make your cocktail taste fabulous.   

Best Bitters for Old-Fashioned Buying Guide

  • What Does It Taste Like?

Generally, the flavor of bitter depends on the ingredients​ using which it is produced, and also which brand you are buying. For instance, if you are looking forward to purchasing Angostura bitters, then you should know that they have a spicy flavor with clues of cinnamon and clove. However, there are certain unique flavors available for bitters from several brands, including coffee, cherry, chocolate, etc.  

  • Dash Of Bitter

When you add a bitter to the cocktail, it is done in dashes. Generally, ​ when dashes are measured, 6-8 drops of the bitter makes one dash. You may also measure it as 1/8th of the teaspoon. However, the amount of liquid generally depends on several factors. Such factors include the angle in which you hold the bottle, the size of the hole contained, the force in which one shakes, and the amount of liquid present in the bottle. Glass bottles that have a dropper is also a great way to add dashes.  

  • The Flavor You Need

When you go to the market to purchase bitter, you will know that there are plenty of bitters available. They are also available in different varieties. All of them have a unique flavor, and they taste different. Along with having different flavors, they have a distinct purpose as well. 

Best Bitters For Old-Fashioned  

1. Angostura Aromatic Bitters


If you are looking for a bitter that is the best in the​ market and has a perfect balance of food and beverage, this aromatic bitter is an adequate choice. This one has a mixture of all-natural herbs that works great with old-fashioned flavors that taste sweet. You can consider this bitter. This bitter is formulated with a recipe that is top secret. Hence, you will rarely find this flavor in any other bitter. A great combination of herbs, spices, etc. used in this bitter adds to its flavor. This is not only an excellent choice for cocktails, but your savory dishes will also taste good. 

It is best for adding flavors and is also used to treat indigestion and loss of appetite in individuals. Hence, don’t miss this one and give it a try.   

2. Peychaud’s Aromatic Cocktail Bitter


While shopping for bitters, you will see several kinds of butter with a fruit profile; however, if you are looking for something different, with a more masculine flavor and woodsy profile, Peychaud’s bitter tops the list. It has a very rich combination of several ingredients. The ingredients used in this bitter comes from New Orleans, which makes this choice different from others. It has a unique combination of caramel, orange peel, saffron, etc. that helps to give this bitter a flavor that is more mature. 

The recipe for the cocktail prepared from this bitter is very famous for years now. The manufacturers are also using this same recipe for a long time to prepare the same recipe. The formula of this bitter works well with alcohol, and the users swear by this choice.   

3. Strongwater Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup


This bitter bottle has fantastic​ packaging, this syrup is a great syrup that helps to provide a phenomenal taste to your cocktails. Beginners can effectively use this bitter about crafting perfect drinks every time.

 This drink is believed to be crafted especially for old-fashioned people. This one has two different formulas of cherry and orange bitters. You get 8 ounces of this bitter in a single bottle. This quantity is more than enough to serve several guests that arrive at your place efficiently.   

The ingredients used in this bitter are all layered perfectly well, and given a great balance. It ensures to add smoothness to both alcoholics and non-alcoholic drinks. This bitter is not like others and tastes great since it is mixed with cherries, cloves, orange peel, bitter herbs, etc. It is user-friendly as well.

4. Woodford Reserve Orange Bitters


This bitter has an authentic flavor and​ great-looking packaging. This is one of the best old fashioned bitter available. The flavor profile of this bitter gets along with a lot of other cocktails. 

You can prepare several traditional cocktails with their help. If you want to use whiskey or bourbon in your drinks, then this is an ideal choice. This bitter has an authentic flavor, since not too many flavors are added. This one doesn’t have too many layers to spoil the great taste. The formula of this bitter is by far considered to be the best.

With the help of this bitter, you can create one of the best cocktails that people enjoy most and is enjoyed by many people. As compared to the bitters of other brands, this one has 8-10 ounces of product. You can use two ounces of this bitter that says much about the strength it has.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best old-fashioned cocktail recipe, bitters are the first thing you should choose. It helps to add a great taste profile to your drinks. Bitter has a subtle and nuanced flavor that is proven to blend perfectly well with your cocktails.

You can easily add them either to whiskey or bourbon. When you use bitters, you will not have to focus on flavors and artificial sweeteners. Some of them come in stunning packaging with a greatly designed bottle. Make drinks that you expect to taste at a bar prepared by an adequate mixologist.