Maybe right now you’re thinking about something nice you could give to a special friend for their birthday, wishing to do your best to show them your appreciation. You celebrate their special day together for so long that clichés like wardrobe or cosmetics simply start being unacceptable.

But what do you think about a real live being? Animals can really be a wonderful gift for any occasion and for a person of any age. As long as you find out in time if they’re financially stable enough for keeping a pet and as long as you know that they truly want to have a pet, this can be a lovely idea. Of course, someone who suffers from allergies may receive a gift like this with a smile, but be sure that they’re going to forward it to a new owner after the first sneeze. So, it would be good to pay attention to this little thing as well.

The best thing, in this case, is to combine a couple of good reasons. Not only will a gesture like this be a unique way to leave a beloved person speechless, but you’ll also do a good deed and find a home for a cute little creature. There are many reasons why a pet would be the right gift for your dear friends – and here are some of them.

1. Making their life-long wish come true


For some families, pets are a real luxury. Especially when it comes to large families who use all their monthly income for their personal needs. You’ll agree that buying a dog or cat can be quite expensive, depending on the desired breed. That’s why the animal trade is rather widespread –  because the people who chose this job have realized that they can make good money.

You can fulfill your friend’s life-long wish with a little investment if you’re able to do it and make them happy. You don’t even have to pay a single penny in case you decide to adopt a puppy or a kitten from a shelter. Of course, the costs don’t end with the purchase, but there are ways to reduce them. Owners can feed their pets with some leftovers from lunch that can be just as delicious as granules, and this wouldn’t cost them that much. An old blanket to keep them warm and lots of love will be enough for a nice life. And that’s something that everyone can afford.

2. You’ll find a new, happy home for the furry cutie


Various statistics show the number of homeless and stray animals is getting bigger with each passing day. They all need someone’s love and attention, as well as the warmth of a true home where they’ll feel protected and calm. And most importantly, food, so as not to wander the streets hungry and lost. They always need a human being to take care of them and love them.

A large number of animals end up either in a kennel or in a family that doesn’t really take good care of them. This later results in sad images depicting pain in their eyes which clearly speaks of how much they need some cuddles and joy. By giving one of them as a gift to someone you can trust, you’ll definitely make both sides happy.

3. Pets are a great company


At times people might feel quite lonely and would definitely like to direct their attention, free time, and love towards someone. In situations like this, pets really do save the day. For example, dogs are truly grateful and they know how to appreciate everything that people do for them, which is why those who treat them nicely will always feel their gratitude.

So, if you see your loved person as someone who needs company, you should know that animals can sometimes be better life companions than humans. And that really turned out to be true. Your retired grandma or a friend that lives alone would surely be thrilled with a cat, dog, or any other lovely furry creature.

4. Children can learn to care and be responsible in this way


As we previously stated, animals require huge amounts of gentleness and attention – just like humans. Therefore, in case you already know a tiny, young human being that has just started to learn about values in life, you could probably consider a surprise like this. Children always get super thrilled about pets and will enjoy every second of playing with them. Another great thing – parents will probably be happy to welcome this idea as it’ll be a great opportunity for them to teach children the right behavior and educate them about caring for other living beings.

On the other hand, their days will be filled with various activities since they’ll be obliged  to walk with their pets, feed them, clean up after them, and play, play, play… In other words, they get a daily commitment that is going to help them learn discipline and good organization.

When preparing the gift, make sure you include some cute necessities and little things the pet might require. Luckily, so many pet shops and online retailers can truly boast large and extremely cute collections of pet gifts and accessories. Therefore, it would be so cool to visit here and check what GreatGiftingIdeas has prepared for its customers, as well as to check out UltraPetShop!

5. Pets have a calming effect and reduce stress


Given the very stressful life that tends to be a problem for each and every one of us, people turn to various things that have a therapeutic effect on them and save them from the negative energy that surrounds them. If your friends or family have a lot of problems at work or in private life and are struggling with it, maybe a cute little soft creature can help them with that.

It has been scientifically proven that some animals also reduce pain. Cats, for example, have this ability to feel pain, after which they lie down exactly on that sore place on your body and make it pass. How fantastic is that? For people who suffer from chronic diseases, a single cat in the house would be the right medicine.


In the end, we suggest you think about all these reasons and whether you find some of them relevant when it comes to your acquaintances, friends, or family. If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate and don’t doubt if it’s the right gift for them – we’re sure they’ll love their new friends!