Car shipping can be one of the largest expenses when moving long distances. Thankfully, there are ways to cut costs.

1. Use a Broker

One of the best ways to reduce vehicle shipping costs is to work with a broker. They have relationships with hundreds of carriers nationwide and can use these connections to negotiate competitive pricing from each carrier – not to mention expert knowledge about which features should be looked for when screening carriers and tips on saving money during your shipment process.

Another way to save on vehicle shipping costs is by driving your own vehicle directly. This option tends to be most cost-effective for non-luxury vehicles but may not suit classic or luxury cars as driving them alone can be risky. If this option doesn’t appeal to you, this link says that professional drivers and marketplaces offer services where people willing to drive cars directly can meet.

Some brokers utilize an established network of carriers they vouch for so you can rely on the quality of service. Sherpa offers something quite unique in this industry: their Price Lock Promise ensures the price they quote you is the price you will ultimately pay – something very few competitors can boast of offering! This makes Sherpa stand out among competitors.

2. Get Multiple Quotes


Brokers typically have access to numerous vehicle carriers across the country and can work with them to negotiate competitive shipping prices.  Be wary of brokers that provide too well a deal. In order to secure your business they may rush around trying to find carriers willing to transport your vehicle at their quoted rate; this could result in them asking you for more money or holding onto it until one comes along that can deliver your order at their low rate.

One way to save on cross-country vehicle shipping costs is driving it yourself. This may work if your route is relatively short and you don’t mind adding wear and tear on your vehicle, however if your distance exceeds 500 miles it will cost more to do this yourself due to costs for gas, food, accommodation and potential future vehicle repairs.

Hire someone else to transport your car for you or use one of many online marketplaces that match people looking to drive others cars for a fee. Many students and retirees take part in these services to earn some extra income while saving money on shipping expenses and adding a personal touch to the process.

Having a trusted friend or family member drive your car cross-country can be an excellent way to reduce transportation costs; however, this option depends on their availability and willingness as well as increases liability risk and wear-and-tear on your car.

3. Pick a Major City

Distance plays an essential role in determining the cost of car shipping across the country, with longer journeys leading to higher shipping expenses.

Cross-country car shipping rates may be significantly reduced if your vehicle is picked up and delivered from major cities or metropolitan areas, as drivers can access these areas more quickly.

Train transport offers an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to car shipping; Amtrak provides “Driveaway,” whereby your own vehicle can be shipped at a reduced rate – making it one of the cheapest car shipping options available today. However, this method will still add miles to your odometer, potentially diminishing its market value as most buyers prefer cars with lower mileage.

Winter can often provide us with cheaper auto transport quotes because demand is lower and there are fewer drivers on the roads. But be mindful of ice and snow which make transportation much slower and more challenging – plan accordingly if shipping in winter in order to do so efficiently. Otherwise fall and spring tend to offer better rates.

4. Pick a Time of Year


No matter the circumstances of your move or vacation, auto transport companies provide an invaluable service that helps move vehicles safely from A to B. They will collect your car from its original location, load it into an open or enclosed carrier, transport it across country if needed and deliver it once at your new destination – the price can start from as little as $1100!

Not only can driving across the country be expensive in terms of gas, food and accommodation costs; the additional miles put on your car could reduce its resale value and shorten its life, making it harder for you to sell or trade in and necessitating expensive repairs such as new tires, batteries or engines.

Winter is often considered to be the optimal time and cost of shipping a car, due to low demand and rates. You should also expect lower costs during fall and spring seasons. When shipping your vehicle, take the necessary steps such as removing personal belongings from it, disabling alarms, checking fluid levels, as well as reading the bill of lading carefully to make sure all agreed-upon terms and conditions are included in its terms and conditions.