We are all witnessing the growing popularity of the cowboy trend when it comes to the fashion industry. This style has been popular for quite some time and as far as we can conclude – it will not disappear soon. This is great news considering that it is very chic when it comes to different things, and especially when it comes to one item that every woman adores.

Well, of course, it’s a bag. This style has been coming to us from the Wild West since the 19th century, so cowboys became very popular, and after several appearances in movies, commercials, etc. they have won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Now the same situation is happening, but it’s just about clothes or bags! The world is just as crazy for this fashion moment.

Women saw this style as a great way to express themselves when it comes to a sense of fashion. This is also seen as an opportunity not to blend in with the environment, but to spice up their outfit with good fashion pieces, such as a cowboy bag. However, in order to use this item in the right way, it is necessary to combine it well with the rest of the outfit.

If you are still not inspired and have no idea how to bring out a phenomenal cowboy bag, we are here to present you a few of our ideas that can be useful to you. Keep reading and find that inspiration in yourself!

1. Busy

Cowboy style can be described as very casual, but today unique and as we said – chic! On the other hand, work clothes require a dose of elegance, formality, but we are sure that it also means comfort above all. A good leather bag can never be the wrong choice for this occasion. On the contrary, we recommend that you combine your work clothes with one such perfect bag and you will get a great look.

These bags are usually larger, so they are a very practical thing, so you can fit a laptop or several smaller things. Besides, it is enough that you will act with it as if you came from the catwalk. For example, a plain white shirt, black pants, heels and this bag and you get the look of a fashion icon.

2. Womanish

We also have an idea for fans of the romantic style of clothing, which implies a subtle and refined image. A leather cowboy bag is a must for such an outfit. In this way, it completes the overall look, which mainly includes frills, garments on clothes or long fluttering dresses (or short ones) made of breathable material. With a good bag, you can shine in the spring sun or achieve a chic autumn look at that age. In any case, it contributes to the feminine look as an ideal fashion accessory.

3. Rough

One black cowboy bag, as the ones you can see at Cowboysbag, can never be the wrong choice. Either way, a black bag is something every woman should have in her closet. So it is ideal to have one smaller and larger bag according to different needs. If you have one such bag you can complete your tough look. One such bag gives such an impression in itself, and to make it all look good, you can add leather pants and a good casual T-shirt.

It would be a great thing to combine some good boots with that and you are ready to go. This look is casual and tough at the same time, so you can wear it in various situations.

4. Fashionable

The next thing we can present to you is a modern look. Be creative and playful. This means you can combine it with a variety of designs, colors and materials. As for the material, of course we recommend one cowboy leather bag, and with it a trendy look.
For example, a good choice would be one leather boots (a great choice are also cowboy boots) which will attract attention next to the bag, and for the upper part we recommend one roller. It’s up to you to combine colors and patterns, and we tell you to have fun at it.

5. Chic

We all strive for this look and most of the time it is like that. However, what does it actually mean? This means that with the help of certain tricks and a little fashion knowledge, you can look like this every day. Mostly we all look to the latest creations of prestigious designers, but we can actually achieve that with a simple combination of basic and statement pieces and that’s it.

So, it’s abut the art of combining things like a good jacket and jeans – seemingly ordinary, but it’s always totally chic. However, we have another example of this style for you, but in theory it is based on the same. Our recommendation is that with a cowboy bag you can carry a combination of things that is ideal for a date. One short black skirt made of leather material, boots and a basic tight T-shirt are a pure gain when it comes to ideal styling. By combining more skin, you can achieve a great contrast, especially if everything is in a similar color.

6. Casual

This is a favorite style of many. Of course, it is a favorite because of the comfort provided by the clothes that are used for combining. These are mostly some wider, comfortable things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look glamorous even dressed like that. Of course, we can look like our favorite bloggers who also create certain trends.

Get rid of the old fashion rules that told us that the combination of dresses and heels is not in and that it is a complete fashion failure. Today, that does not apply, only your rules apply, and thus other fashion enthusiasts are always guided. Such breaking of the rules has contributed to a great combination of business and casual, and today it is just a casual style that is a bit chic.

So, if, for example, you went to a cafe to have coffee with a friend, our advice is to supplement such a seemingly ordinary outfit with a cowboy bag, a belt with a print and shallow boots. As for the outfit itself, plain jeans and a sweater are enough as a base, and each of the listed fashion accessories will contribute to making you look like from a fashion magazine. We recommend pastel colors.


In front of you is one of the visibly biggest trends of the season. We hope you enjoyed our tips and that you take advantage of some of them. If you haven’t worn this bag before, try it and see for yourself how effective it is! We are sure that you will be able to present it with high self-confidence and good fashion knowledge, and in that case you cannot go unnoticed.