If you need help in making your assignments, you have come to the right assistance place. If you want to make and send assignments without any complications and risk, then you should read these four-minute short content, which is all about the best 6 online tools for helping students.

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So, without delay, let us take a dig at the top five resources that have been discussed below!

The top 6 online tools for help in assignments!

Read about these software tools before you start using them!

1. One Note


One note is a very popular software available online. It is a very suitable tool for university students, and this is why we have discussed it in our list. Creating assignments gets complicated and difficult when you reach the university level, so you should hook up with the best programs. You must know that OneNote can be used on any device having any operating system, so you don’t have to worry about this problem. This online program is basically designed to serve the purpose of taking notes and marking important material for making assignments. It can be used while you are in the process of ideation and research.

OneNote is a must-have study tool because it provides multiple features and options for students. This online platform can easily help you by providing multiple notebooks and is great for increasing productivity during the making of assignments. It is basically a cloud-based program that can propose customized solutions for your needs.

2. Writer

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The first checker on our list is It is really easy to use and it will showcase the results fairly quickly. Moreover, you can install it as a Chrome extension for free and carry it with you no matter where you write or surf.



As we have already kind of pointed out, plagiarism detection is incredibly important. Check for plagiarism after creating assignments is more essential than the preparation of the original assignment, which is why you have to know about one of the top-notch online plagiarism checker available across the internet. The is a reputed online tool that can help students and teachers to check plagiarism in their work. There are many plagiarism checkers, but not all of these online utilities are easy to use, so you have to be careful & responsible in selection.

The is a free online tool that can be used with some limitations. This plagiarism checker allows you to check more than 25K words in a day if you hook up with the pro version of this program. As a student, this free package by this plagiarism tool would be enough for you. You can not only check for plagiarism, but you can also spin it to detect grammar errors in your work. There are many more powerful features of this amazing tool.

4. Soda PDF


It is yet another educational tool that can help students with their assignments. An interesting thing about university or college assignments is that you have to submit them in pdf format. Pdf format is more secure for sharing, and this is why students prefer to create pdf files and share them in this format to the higher authorities. It decreases the risk of tampering with the pdf file or plagiarism, but at the same time, you should know to understand that creating pdf files can increase the risk of other factors. For instance, if you have made a mistake in the assignment that you have noticed after saving the file, you have to write the content repeatedly as there is no editing feature in pdf files.

The soda pdf tool is important for this very reason. With this online program, you can easily help yourself in getting complete access to pdf files. You can convert pdf files to office formats and vice versa. You can also compress pdf files, and the best part is that you can also edit pdf files with this online program. It is an exceptionally reliable software program that you must have in your pocket. It can also work on all smart devices.

5. Edmodo


It is also one of the best software programs that can bridge the gap between university/college students and their teachers. The communication gap is very much dangerous in every working relation, so you have to focus on this point even if you are in the professional stage of your life. The first pint that you have to note about this tool is that it can provide an unlimited amount of storage space to both the parties engaged with each other. Edmodo is a tool that can easily be integrated with third-party tools and apps like MS Word.

University teachers can add their ideas and lessons via this platform, and students can make their assignments by taking help from these resources. It is a very good way of indulging in a healthy and educational discussion while sitting even in your bedroom. With this online software, students can also get in touch with their instructors and can ask them any queries even after classes. This online tool is a good way of improving the connection and collaboration of the class with the teacher.

6. The sage dictionary


One should know that using new vocabulary and learning new words is very much important when it comes to creating assignments, especially on a higher stage. You guys should know that this online tool, known as the sage dictionary, can help you learn new words and phrases that you can use in your assignment. The tool can provide you with the most authentic and useful words relative to your writing niche. With this online program, you can get access to more than two million interesting words along with their synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and would cards. This online program is also known as the best rhyming assistant for students. It can work smoothly and without and lag on numerous devices having different operating systems!