If your stomach skin has loosened due to pregnancy or significant weight loss, there are non-surgical solutions to tighten it. These therapies stimulate collagen and elastin production to produce long-term effects.

Noninvasive procedures like these can be performed quickly in a doctor’s office and do not require recovery time afterwards while helping to eliminate stubborn fat deposits in areas of your body that might otherwise remain. Obviously, these will not work for all cases. In many cases, a procedure like the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty Miami is preferred.

1. BodyTite


BodyTite is an innovative technology that promises both fat loss and skin tightening simultaneously. This device uses radiofrequency heat to contract the skin matrix while breaking down and liquifying fat cells for liposuction removal. Furthermore, this technique reduces physical trauma to the skin for faster recovery times with minimal inflammation or subsequent scarring.

Patients suffering from stubborn pockets of fat in their abdomen, hips, arms, or buttocks could benefit from this procedure. It can also be used to lift and tighten breasts – however, this treatment should not be seen as weight loss as patients must already be close to their ideal body weight before proceeding with this method.

A surgeon uses two probes to treat the desired area during a liposuction procedure. They will numb it first with local anesthesia and epinephrine for maximum comfort and reduced bleeding; once that has taken effect, the energy between these probes will warm both deep and superficial layers of fat tissue before being suctioned away through separate tubes. Additionally, RF waves stimulate collagen production, which tightens skin tissues further.

2. Thermage


Thermage can tighten loose skin on the neck, jowls, arms, and abdomen by stimulating natural collagen production within your body. It is an ideal treatment option for patients seeking non-invasive ways of looking younger as well as those experiencing age-related sagging due to weight loss or age-related sag.

In Thermage’s noninvasive procedure, a handheld device is applied directly against the skin and produces heat and vibrations to stimulate it and cause tightening of skin tissues. No incisions, downtime, or swelling is involved compared with traditional facelift procedures, and less anesthetic is used than with Thermage.

Thermage can be an effective treatment option for men and women with mild to moderate skin laxity, particularly around their eyes. This treatment can tighten jowl skin to minimize eye “hooding” and wrinkles and tighten skin on thighs, arms, or bellies.

3. Endoscope

Endoscopes are tube-like devices doctors use to examine parts of your body that cannot be reached easily with traditional tools, including areas like your digestive tract and lungs. Endoscopes can help diagnose and treat digestive, lung, and genital organ problems and place stents across blocked bile ducts or esophages.

Before the procedure, your physician will administer an anesthetic spray in your throat to numb it and insert an endoscope through your mouth into your organ or examined area. A video image is then transmitted back to a screen in the operating room for assessment.

There may be risks involved, however. These could include infection, bleeding, and perforation (a hole in the stomach wall). Your doctor may give antibiotics as preventative medicine before performing this procedure; also, if you have heart conditions such as blood vessel issues or previous heart infections, your physician may want to administer sedatives before beginning.

4. Skin Holistic Sea Fresh Body Scrub


Rejuvenate and invigorate your body, mind, and spirit with aromatherapy scents of eucalyptus and grapefruit to stimulate relaxation, relieve fatigue and depression, and rejuvenate skin with our 100% natural buttery salt scrub made from coconut, jojoba, and safflower oils that moisturize and soften. 100% pure essential oils to invigorate senses and beautify, while fine sea salt removes dead cells to revitalize and renew. A regular full-body exfoliation session also helps reduce body acne, blackheads, stretch marks, and flaky patches and stimulates lymph flow for deeper detoxification – providing deep hydration while stimulating lymph flow for deeper detoxification!