Being an entrepreneur also means that you need to be the type of person that follows the latest trends. Without technology, you won’t manage to survive on the market. That is the reason why you should use all the available digital tools that can boost the effectiveness, productivity as well as the reputation of your business.

For starters, you need to have a website where you will promote services and products that you offer. Despite that, it is also good to use social media networks for advertising. Billions of people are using them, and your target audience is there.

Finally, have you ever wanted to have an android app? Of course, that sort of tool is not going to be necessary for everyone, but it can be an essential thing for many businesses. If you are not an app developer, then you will have to hire someone who will finish this part of the job.

Most businesses decide to outsource this sort of service. The good news is that there are many app developing companies such as that will meet your requirement and expectations. Yet, before you pick the developers ideal for your requirements, there are a couple of questions you should ask them. Thanks to those questions, you will easily figure out whether you are making a good or bad decision. Because of that, let’s find them out together!

1. Can You Show Me Samples of Your Work?

Whichever company you decide to hire, the workers will try to convince you that they are the right choice for you. However, it is not going to be enough to hear things such as “We have a lot of experience” or “We will meet all your requirements”. Instead of that, you need to look for some proof of expertise. The only way to do that is to ask for the previous samples of work.

Every professional android app developing company will have a portfolio. You should ask for those samples of work that are somehow connected with your industry. The most ideal option would be to find an app that the same company as yours required in the past. In that way, you can be sure the workers will know what your idea is and potentially suggest certain tips that can boost the quality of the app.

2. Do You Have Some Testimonials to Show?

Let’s imagine that you want to buy a new smartphone. After checking the features of the device, what is the next thing you would do? You would certainly ask a friend or read reviews online about the specific model you plan to purchase. The question is – why don’t you do the same with the app developing company?

Advertising of some companies can sometimes be magical. However, the quality they provide is not always at the highest level. That is the reason why you should look for some sort of social proof that will serve as a double confirmation. Ask the app developers to show you the past clients they have worked with. This can also be proof of expertise. However, ask them also to show you the reviews and recommendations.

Reviews are something you can see on Google or simply on the website of the company. In case you do not see them there, your potential partners should prepare them and show them to you. If they refuse to do that, then there might be something that they are hiding. This doesn’t necessarily have to be correct, but it can definitely be suspicious.

3. Can You Tell Me More about the Development Process?


Asking this question will help you figure out two different things. First of all, you will see how communicative they are. Keep in mind that professional app developing startups always tend to improve the communication with customers and clients to the highest levels.

On the other hand, you will find out more details about the entire process itself.
We know that you are not an expert in app development. That is the reason why companies should try to explain the entire process as easily as possible. Despite that, they need to clearly explain how much time they will need for each stage they need to pass.

In that way, you will know how much time you will have to wait and whether the price they offer is realistic or not. Before we end this part, there is something we have to say. All the people that need an app need to be patient. If they want an application that is issue-free, then you will have to wait for a couple of weeks. Don’t expect unrealistic deadlines!

4. Who Will Be the Developers that Work on the Project?

You will probably see the names of team members in the section “About Us”. However, their name and profession won’t mean anything to you. Instead of that, you should ask the person you are negotiating with for more information about the company employees. You should know how long they are working in this industry, how long they work for the company, did they have any previous experience worth mentioning, and education.

Despite that, you should also ask for more information about the results they achieved in the past. All this information can mean a lot. The person you are negotiating with may be skilled and professional. However, a single person can never complete the entire process alone. Other members of the team have to be skilled individuals as well.

5. Which Design Principles Do You Use During the Process?


The features of the app must be outstanding and attractive to people. However, will good features sacrifice UX and design? This is something that must not happen! That is the reason why you need to find out more about the principles of UX and design that company uses. Imagine that you hire someone who simply copies/pasting the design from others.

That means you are not hiring someone creative enough to provide you with some unique solutions. If you start using an app that looks similar to the ones that your competitors have, then you will lose your reputation. More precisely, your customers will not consider you professional. However, you won’t ever manage to explain that you made the wrong choice when hiring an android app developer. That is the reason why you should ask this question.