Many businesses are shifting to customized badges for their employees. For banking, school, hospitality, or medical sectors, staff wearing a badge is becoming common in many countries.

Most of the customized name badges look good and serve their purposes, but a few might look like they need total revamping. Many don’t realize that after ordering the badges, they have to check whether the final print on the name tag is the same as they had ordered. Therefore, the name tags design dos and don’ts will make an everlasting impression on the customers.

Name Badge Dos


While developing a name badge design, the first thing to note is the design element. Many good practices are available when planning to design a badge for the staff. Following are the dos to keep in mind during the design process and after printing,

Badge Color

The color chosen for the badge should reflect the business and easily merge with the company logo and the brand it represents. It helps in giving a professional look to the name tag.

Ensure the background and foreground colors are in sync, as plenty of choices are available. Many things should get considered as to whether the staff uniform color matches the tag.

When working in the fast food industry, the energetic shining theme is best for the setting the staff is working. At the same time, a soft color for a team working in a modern tech company will blend in with the workplace setting.

Font Selection

The font selected for the name tag should be easily legible for the eye. Just glancing at the badge, the customer should be able to grasp the name and any other information written on it.

Tags with fancy fonts are good only when looked up on a screen or a computer; in real life, on the badge, the customers will not be able to decode the fonts on it.

A black font on a light-colored theme background or vice versa is best, as the font will be easily readable. Therefore always make sure that the font matches the style of the business setting and is easily legible for the customers to read.

Logo Color


Putting a full-colored company logo on the badge enhances the look and benefits as it represents that particular company.

Placing the company logo on the name tag helps it get viewed by the maximum number of customers, as it becomes easy for them to remember the company name whenever they see the logo.

A full-colored logo can get printed on any badge, be it metal, plastic, customized, or even reusable badges. When done, it helps a business brand to stand out.

Wear The Badge

After giving the badge to the staff, they must wear it daily. The badge worn should get noticed quickly, and it is advisable to be worn on the upper part of the body as that is where it gets glanced at for a first look. It helps the customers to identify the staff and approach them confidently.

Maintaining The Name Tag

After receiving the badge, the staff has to maintain it properly. The badge could catch dust and grime depending on the industry in which the team works. Therefore it should get cleaned with disinfectant to preserve that bright shiny look.

Proofread For Errors

It is always advisable to proofread for any printing errors before the order for the badge gets placed. Getting a name badge with a spelling error in the name, misalignment of letters, or even the staff’s job title is wrong will cause a lot of embarrassment, which could immensely escalate when management notices the same.

If the information displayed on the badge is not error-free, then there is no point in giving the staff their badges. Therefore make sure to proofread it before handing it to print.

Name Badge Don’ts


In many ways, the name badge helps companies around the world. It helps give the staff a professional look and makes it easy for customers to approach them, which helps in broadening the spectrum of networking and marketing for the company. But if the badges are not correct, it affects them unfavorably. A few of the don’ts to avoid are

Ignoring The Badge Quality

Since the badge gives the company’s staff a professional look, its quality should be maintained. The investment made on the name tags will be small compared to other expenses the business will incur.

This small investment can yield an excellent return to the company if the badge’s quality is good. Many good quality badges, holders for the badge, reusable badges, and lanyards are available.

Investing in the excellent quality of name badges will benefit the company.

Error In Designs

A few of the common issues in the badge errors are the printed text needs to be readable, the colors on the badge need to be lighter, and it does not show its actual color. Sometimes too much information is written on the small place of the badge that all letters look cramped.

So it is advisable to heed the badge-designing company’s calls to state the errors in the tag and take proper steps to reprint it because any design error on the name tag affects the company’s brand image.

Not Using Badge

The mistake a few company staff make is not wearing the tag. This mistake can get avoided if the management is strict. The team should be aware that wearing a name tag acts as a marketing tool that will build up a network helping the company’s growth and, in turn, induces betterment for staff.

Failing to implement wearing badges mandatory will make the company lose its benefits in the long run.



If adequately implemented, name badges could become the bread and butter of the company in the long run. It is the perfect way to identify the company’s staff, build connections among the team, and also help in promoting the brand.

Name badges with error-free printing and perfect design color will help the company reach its heights, as it is a marketing tool that does not need any extra investment.

A few do’s and don’ts should be kept in mind, ensuring that the tag gets effectively utilized for the growth enhancement of the staff and its company.

Taking the help of professionals for investing in name badges could bring a great return on investment for the company in the long run.