People love to beautify their houses because it feels really good to live in a clean and comfortable place that is also very aesthetically pleasing. This is why they try to find the most modern and the latest designs in the market to apply them to their homes. If we talk about roofs, there are various kinds to choose from. A few of them are listed as follows.

1. Mansard roof


Mansard roofs are part of French architecture and those people who are fans of such things may find this type of roof very suitable for their homes. There is a curved or flat upper surface in Mansard roofs that joins four steep slopes. It has four sides. It is also appropriate to install in houses that have attics built at the top.

2. Shed roof

Shed roofs are typically used while building farmhouses or sheds, much like its name suggests. The slopes of these roofs are low and also in case of rainfall, the water easily slides downwards which leaves no chance of stagnation of water. Shed roofs can also be built over a garage.

3. Flat roof


Flat roofs are very easy to install. However, it has to be cleaned continuously because dust often gets accumulated on the surface. Flat roofs can be used to build patios on top and they can be beautified further by using various plants as well. People might have barbeque parties with their families on flat roofs. One of its advantages is that it tends to hold rainwater on top especially if gutters are not installed and stagnant water is not safe. It needs to be cleaned immediately otherwise it will cause leakage and further damage. Gutters and drainage pipes are important if flat roofs are installed in a house. Solar panels can also be installed on flat roofs easily.

4. Gable roof

The Gable roof is triangular in shape. Its slopes, similar to shed roofs, do not let water accumulate at the top. It slides down right away and may fill up the yard with extra water if there is no proper drainage system. They are cost-effective but are not suitable during hurricanes and strong winds as they often get unhinged and flip over.

5. Skillion roof


Skillion roofs are usually added to previously built structures. For example, if someone wants to add an extra room apart from the house, a shed, a porch, or a new garage, a skillion roof will be used. These days, skillion roofs are often used on the whole buildings as well instead of merely using them on extra units.

6. Hip roof

This traditional type of roof has a ridge on top that is created by the combination of four slopes. The slops are either all equal in size or have two pairs of varying sizes.

7. Gambrel roof


Gambrel roofs are not able to hold during hurricanes like gable roofs. They are most commonly used to build barns and farmhouses.

Types of roof damage

Even though we try to make sure that while building a house, we use the best possible building material that we can afford, it can still sometimes become damaged due to various things. Similarly, when our roofs get damaged and we want to have it repaired or install a new one, we choose the most sustainable material, and it can withstand harsh winds and rains as well as decades of wear and tear. Look at this site. But the most important aspect is that we should maintain it time and again. Otherwise, without regular upkeep, it will become prone to damages especially during harsh weather conditions. Some types of buildings materials for roofs last longer than others. Some of the most common damages that happen to roofs are listed below.

  • Exposed nails and staples often cause leakage of water in roofs because they get rusted due to explosion and end up deteriorating.
  • Loose screws or backed-out screws cause problems because they are supposed to hold our roof in place but if they are not themselves in their place, they will not be able to perform their function which will lead to the roof being vulnerable to water leakage and further damage.
  • Hurricanes and strong winds can loosen up shingles or tear them up which will leave various portions of the roof bare and open to damage.
  • Harsh weather conditions are not the only thing that may cause punctures and damages, sometimes an incompetent construction worker may not do his job properly and poor installation will lead to roof damage. Moisture barriers, tears, and punctures in the underlayment, as well as flashing, will deteriorate our roofs.
  • If the tar of the metal flashing is corroded, or weak, the water barrier created underneath the shingles will end up leaking and causing deterioration.

Installation of windows


Windows are important to install because a house looks very dark and drab without them not to mention it will feel very stuffy inside, the reason being that there is no way for the air to pass and hence, there will be no ventilation. The only time air will be able to pass is when two or more doors are to be opened at the same time but this can’t be done all day long because of privacy and safety purposes. Furthermore, in hot weather, without ventilation, it would feel like living in a broiler and it is very difficult to live in a stuffy house.

This is why we should install windows and they will bring in so much natural light during the day that there will be no further need to turn on tube lights or bulbs and unnecessarily waste electricity. New installation of windows can be done by calling a construction worker. We can have any type of window installed that suits our fancy and there are numerable designs to choose from. Each type has its own appeal and its costs vary depending upon its design. The types may include casement window, single hung window, double-hung window, skylight window, transom window, awning window, and slider window, etc.

Even though we try to make sure that while building a house, we use the best possible building material that we can afford, it can still sometimes become damaged due to various things, as mentioned by a roofing installation expert.