Highlighting the undying love between the main characters, made everyone fall in love with the fictional world. This sadly came to an end immediately after the first season. In this article, we will answer everyone’s curiosity about the return of the series with the second season.

A Peek Into The Storyline


There have been several stories about zombies going on a killing spree or zombies taking over the world after an apocalypse. The year 2012 saw an unexpected love story between a young boy and a dead girl, yes a zombie.

The series is based on the graphic novel. It revolves around Chihiro Furuya wanting to kiss a female zombie. He is said to have a ‘thing’ for zombies and he can be seen collecting valuables related to them. He talks to his friends about it. His friends call him an idiot. Yet, he continues to look for his ‘true love.’ During his search for the one, he loses his pet cat. He tries to revive her by preparing a resurrection potion.

Before he goes ahead to use the potion on her, Rea Sanka drinks it assuming it to be poison. Rea Sanka jumps from the cliff in an attempt to stay away from her abusive father. The potion, which did not kill her earlier, ends up saving her by bringing her back to life after the jump. This is followed by a spark developed in the heart of Chihiro Furuya for Rea Sanka. Rea decides to stay with him to experience what love truly is.

Overall, it’s a cute love story between the living and the dead.

The Cast


Among the huge list of characters, the two main characters of the series are Chihiro Furuya and Rea Sanka. Both of them have been voiced by different artists based on the language in which they were released.

Chihiro Furuya was voiced by Aaron Dismuke and Ryohei Kimura for English and Japanese, respectively. Chihiro Furuya is a student who goes to high school. He develops a fascination for zombies after his mother becomes one herself. He is considered to be crazy by his friends throughout the series.

Rea Sanka was voiced by Tia Ballard and Maaya Uchida for English and Japanese, respectively. Rea Sanka faces a lot of sexual abuse from her father. One incident leaves both of them having a heated argument. During the argument, she jumps to kill herself, only to come back to life as a zombie.

When Can We Expect The Release


Mitsuru Hattori, the writer, and illustrator of the series, discontinued working on the expansion of Sankareaafter a special episode was released in 2012. The production company, too, does not seem to be interested in reviving the series due to the lack of source material. If rumors are to be believed, then there is a probability for the series to come back with the second season by the end of 2024.

Things You May Want To Know About Sankare Season 2


The special episode concluded on a cliffhanger and drove everyone crazy. Every fan began to expect another season, but it never saw the light. One reason is insufficient promotion material. Whenever, if ever, the series comes back with the second season, then it will pick up from where the special episode was concluded.

Summing It Up

No one thought that zombies could be cute until the series made its debut on everyone’s television screens. The return of Sankarea may seem impossible due to the lack of interest of the production company and the creator. But hoping for the series to be revived seems to be the only option for now.