Brand registries are important in today’s society, yet they may be complicated and frequently interpreted incorrectly. What precisely is the Brand Registry?

It’s a program to help companies and Amazon avoid trademark infringement while also enabling brands to provide more details about their goods and intellectual property.

One of the most intriguing tools offered by the corporation is Amazon Brand Registry. It not only benefits you by defending your brand but also by assisting in brand development on the website.

Both times, it increases your profit margins while helping you save money. It is a necessary tool for many Amazon merchants. If you are eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry, utilizing it might have several advantages for you.

What Are the Criteria to Join the Amazon Brand Registry?


Every nation has specific standards, although they are all the same:

  1. A current, legally registered trademark for your goods or packaging in that nation.
  2. The capacity to demonstrate your ownership of the rights using the public contact information specified on your trademark application.
  3. profile.
  4. The trademark has to be either text-based or image-based and contain text. A purely graphic mark, such as the well-known Nike “Swoosh,” won’t be approved.

Begin with The Amazon Brand Registry:

Review the Prerequisites

For your brand to qualify for Amazon Brand Registry, you must either have a pending trademark registration submitted via Amazon IP Accelerator or an active brand name in each of the countries where you desire to join.

Additionally, a select number of trademark offices are accepting brands through the Brand Registry that have trademark applications pending.

Your brand’s trademark must be an image-based mark containing words, characters, or numbers, or a text-based sign (word mark) (design mark).

Eligible trademarks may fall into a variety of categories depending on the jurisdiction in which they are issued a trademark registration.

Register with The Amazon Brand Registry

Kindly have the trademark holder enroll the brand first if you are an authorized agency, then add your accounts as a second user. Use your current Seller or Vendor Central password to access if you match the eligibility conditions.

Access to the brand registry features and advantages connected to vendor and seller products is made possible by using the same login and password. Or, if you don’t already have one, sign up for a free Amazon account.

Register Your Brand


You must provide the following details in order to enroll a brand:

  • Your brand name is protected by an active, pending, or registered trademark; the brand’s trademark must be visible on your products or packaging, and you must submit photographs demonstrating this.
  • The Intellectual Property Office’s number for the trademark registration. If you are registering with a trademark that has a pending registration, you may only enter the application number issued by the World Intellectual property organization.
  • A list of market segments where your brand ought to be included, such as clothes, sporting goods, and electronics.

Following your submission of this data, we will confirm that you are the trademark’s rights owner and get in touch with a contact who meets our criteria.

A verification code will be given to this individual. To complete the registration procedure, you must return this code to Amazon.

Once we have confirmed the submitted information, you will have access to the whole set of services and benefits offered by the Amazon Brand Registry, which may help you safeguard your brand.

Amazon Brand Registry’s Benefits

Boost Your Items’ Sales

By removing bogus listings and giving priority to information about your company, the Amazon Brand Registry promotes purchases, improves transparency, and increases conversion rates.

That implies that the information provided by your company is more important. Even though not all business executives can experience a quick cash gain, it is still advisable to sign up since it is free.

Strengthening of Brand Loyalty


While creating a brand takes work, maintaining its trustworthiness takes much more. Both building trusting relationships with your clients and having a beautifully designed storefront are essential.

To increase brand-loyal purchases, whether you opt for an influencer marketing plan or an online community approach, you need a trustworthy data source that can provide you with up-to-date information on your consumers’ activities.

The Brand Registry program’s sophisticated Brand Analytics tool is the go-to option for giving brand owners access to customer search keywords and transaction information.

Expand the Range of Advertising Choices You Have

The Amazon Brand Registry also has the benefit of unlocking sponsored brands. With this ad style, your business may promote up to three products. Brand awareness may be aided by supported brands having a company identity and image.

Get More Reviews

Getting feedback is one of the hardest parts of building up a new listing. Fortunately, you’ll have access to Amazon’s Vine service once you’ve registered your brand, which enables you to deliver your products to pre-approved customers in exchange for reviews. Be cautious, though, since some assessments may be brutally honest.

More Easy Findings

When your consumers can quickly distinguish your product from a sea of competitors, you’ve successfully balanced the expenses of creating a distinctive brand and putting it in front of customers to meet an anticipated return on investment (ROI).

Sponsored brand ads, which only charge you when a customer clicks on your ad, can help your items appear at the top of search results, similar to Amazon Pay Per Click advertising.

Amazon Postings is a further service under the Brand Registry that enables Amazon sellers to present a brand’s polished material in a way that closely resembles social network posts.