Most seniors need help with their daily living activities. Statistics report that one out of five US seniors above 85 needs or currently receives help with their daily living activities. As such, they may need the services of an assisted living facility. These facilities provide help and ensure the senior is as independent as possible, an important factor for people as they age.

If your loved one requires assistance with daily tasks and you have already found a facility for seniors, the next important step is to prepare them for the move. Here are a few ways you can do that.

1. Empower Them


Empowering a senior means encouraging them as much as possible to be a part of the decision-makers when choosing senior living near me. For example, you can allow them to select decor, furnishings, and what to carry to the facility. Where possible, provide them with a floor plan on paper or a tablet so that they choose furniture placement and the items that will fit inside the new home. Once they choose what items to carry, start packing them while encouraging the senior to choose a moving day.

2. Visit the Senior Living Facility

Another effective preparation point is to visit the senior living facility as often as possible with the senior. Spending time in the facility before moving allows them to get familiar with the staff and residents. During the visits, encourage the senior to ask questions or communicate freely. In case they are not ready to move to a senior living facility and don’t need assisted living services then it’s recommended to guide them on how to save on home expenses because there are lots of common home scams aimed at seniors so they know how to avoid them.

3. Talk With Them


Talking about everything with your loved one makes them feel included. So, discuss even the smallest details with them. This is important because moving to a senior makes them feel like they are giving away control of their life. Talking with them and involving them in decision-making is a way to give them some control back.

4. Simplify the Transition

During the day of the move, it’s important to be available the whole day to spend time with them. This allows you to take walks, share meals, and join in on on-site activities after setting up their apartment. You are someone the senior knows, and your presence makes the transition easy. So, do more than just setting up the apartment and leaving. Have the day dedicated to them and move early to get ample time to do tasks together.

5. Decorate according to their Preference


Your loved one’s space in a senior living facility is an extension of their home, not a hotel room. So, decorate it like a home with their favourite family picture frames or artwork to surround them with the items they love. Also, ask them for any style upgrades they may want to reawaken their sense of style. This can help the new home look more appealing and personalised.


Moving to senior for assisted living takes work. Therefore, allowing yourself time to process the move and embrace your emotions is important. After the move, quiet time can do you good by giving you peace of mind, so as you prepare your loved one to move, don’t neglect the emotions along the way.