Running a company with 10, 100, 1000, or however many employees is difficult either way. Having to manage all so many workers, take care of their needs, and always follow up on their tasks is quite demanding. But, running a software development company is probably even harder considering how complex some of the projects can be. But, a lot of managers, business owners, or CEOs have figured out exactly how to run these companies. And all of those successful managers and companies share a few things in common.

If you are starting out your own company or if you are want to assist you with software development, you will probably want to know about those things that they have in common. Fortunately, you will not have to do any kind of searching anymore because in this article I am going to write exactly about those things, habits, skills or whatever they are. You can also find help online and you can read here and get necessary information.

Once you find out what those things are, I assume that you will finally understand where their success comes from.

1. Great client-employee communication


Ask any programmer about software development and they will tell you that it is a very complicated and difficult process. It is probably why it is one of the most paid professions in the world. Some experts make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

This is probably why so many of these developers have trouble sustaining proper communication with clients. Trying to explain to a client about certain expert topics on programming and software development is impossible. Everything they hear will be a complete mystery to them.

However, a good business owner or manager will ensure that all of his or her employees maintain proper communication with the company’s clients. Of course, some of the programmers might need to be trained and taught how to handle certain customers.

With this kind of communication, projects can be executed in the exact way they were originally imagined. This usually ends up with customers being very happy, improving the reputation of the company. This is one of the things that many software development businesses have in common.

Those that are unable to maintain such a level of communication end up with unhappy customers or in other words, lost profit.

2. Good customer support


Once you have finished a project that does not mean that you have seen the end of it. It is a developer’s job to ensure that the software will continue to run in the future. Whether it is through regular and continuous updates, fixes, or whatever else, does not matter. What matters is that you continue providing support for current and previous clients.

This kind of good customer support can go a long way and will definitely improve the reputation of a company. Otherwise, previous unsatisfied clients will leave bad reviews and ratings.

3. Originality and authenticity


For a company to become a leader in the tech world, it needs to come up with products and services that have never seen before. In 2024, achieving that is almost impossible. Some would say that everything has already been imagined or innovated. But, I do not think that is true. I do not think that will ever be true. There is always room for something new or at least for some kind of improvement.

Many of the successful custom software development companies aim to be as original and as authentic as possible providing unique software to clients. If you read more here, you can see that all of the top companies in Vietnam have done such an original and authentic project. Whether it is websites, mobile apps, or SaaS solutions, they try to be as unique as possible.

Keep in mind, sometimes that authenticity is impossible for certain markets. Sometimes, authenticity is not always a good thing. For example, if you were to try and change the whole aspect of how social media platforms work, that kind of innovation would not work these days. It is important to both stick with current trends and to try and innovate something new.

4. Following trends and making the required changes


In the previous paragraph, I talked about how important originality and authenticity is in the tech business. This is true and that is how one of the best tech giants have succeeded. Facebook, Google, Amazon, eBay, and many others have achieved this level of success because of their unique innovations.

However, if a company wants to stay competitive in the tech industry, it needs to keep up with current trends. If a certain trend pulls the tech industry in one direction, the company accept those changes and go towards that direction. Trying to go against the flow usually ends up bad.

Of course, large corporations such as Google or Apple have the financial power to go against the flow. Even if they fail, they still have millions and billions of capital to support all of their failures and successes.

5. Building a team from scratch


As I mentioned several times in this article, software development is very difficult and requires a lot of expertise. If a certain product needs to be of high quality, the best experts will need to work on that project.

However, you can just pack the best programmers you have in your company and expect that you will get a good result. For the best possible results, the business owner or the manager needs to build a team from scratch for the project.

The right people need to be combined to ensure the success of the project. It is important to connect the employees that already have established good communication. Otherwise, without that kind of communication, the project will never see release and it will be stuck in development hell. Getting out of that situation is quite complicated.

This is probably why so many of the top software development companies, such as Saigon Technology always built their teams from scratch.

There are probably hundreds of things you can find in common with these tech companies, but I believe that these five things I mentioned above are those that have the greatest influence on success.