Birthdays are one of the best occasions for people to have. The one day of full focused attention falls on them with nice gifts and money as presents to go with. Birthdays are a trifle tiring, with the whole party and what not.

And as much as people love to spend time with their loved ones, what they really love is the presents that they look forward to. It is important to note that there is no perfect birthday gift to go for straight off the bat. That is mainly because there is no present that probably balances out all the factors of wants and needs in a person’s head.

Therefore it can be somewhat confusing and difficult to choose what the right gift for someone can be. Here’s where we enter the scene. Sunglasses. Hear us out, but it is a lot more beneficial than you think in terms of wants and needs.

They are not a perfect gift, albeit a great one to have in all honesty. As we said before, they might not be the perfect gift, but they are a highly optimal and balanced product that people have a want as well as a need for. Click here to know more about what sunglasses are and how they can be extremely beneficial for you. With that being said, without any further ado, let’s get in!

Reasons Why Sunglasses Make A Perfect Birthday Gift

1. Need and Want


There are hardly any things in life that we come across that act as both a need and want. We hardly are faced with instances of products or things that serve both our needs and wants. Usually one outweighs the other when we try to choose our purchasing patterns.

It is important to know that not everything can satisfy both wants and needs. But as we said, not everything but some of them definitely can and sunglasses are easily one of them. Sunglasses as we previously said in the above paragraph, they are a gift that satisfies both a need and want.

They are used for protection which can be a need, as well as being a want for the sake of appearance or fashion statement. One of the worst things you could get to know is someone trading or exchanging their birthday gift from you for something better or of more need.

Hence this is a perfect gift that serves as a beacon of both need and want at the same time. That’s not to say they won’t exchange this for a better shape or model, which is why we’re expecting you to make the right decision through your choice.

2. Good things come in small packages


It is a widely conceived thing that things always are good only when they are of high or large quantity when this can actually be false. People need to know and actually understand that quality is preferred over quantity and hence can take greater pleasure in the smaller things offered to them in life. Again who are we to make that choice for them?

How about you offer something they can’t refuse? Sleek, stylish and high quality shades are one of the best ones to gift. We’re not just talking about the newly ordered pair of glasses. They can also be a family heritage or a vintage pair of glasses with high value. You can definitely give them a vintage pair which is a very nice thing to add to their collection if they have any.

You can also offer glasses with an engraved phrase or a message on the side of the frame. This can be a quirky and intelligent way of leaving them with a memory that they never want to part with. Literally. So don’t be shy about giving one soon. It can mean a lot to the right people.

3. Fashionable and Stylish


Shades are one of the greatest style and fashion statements that one can include in their appearance. It adds the much needed symmetry to a face that probably needs it. The vintage movies highly popularized the use of shades.

Figures like Audrey Hepburn and various other actors brought about a revolutionary change in Hollywood with the use of their shades. They are not meant to just be a symbol of protection, but are highly fashionable and stylish.

They’ve been the beacons of style for centuries now and will probably continue to do so. Everyone loves an increase in their appearance and appeal. One of the best ways to do that would be to give them a lovely pair of shades.

Things To Keep In Mind While Gifting Sunglasses

1. Material


It is one of the most important determinants to separate a good sunglass from a bad one. Make sure you talk to an optician or the brand outlet to decide the type of material that you are going to get with your sunglasses.

When you’re gifting sunglasses, make sure you give one of high quality material, as the longer it lasts, the greater it increases in value. Both in the market and to the person as well. For lightweight frames, go for the Cellulose Acetate materials.

They are easier to carry around and create a lesser burden on the eyes and the face. If you want to go for a sturdier and heavier material, go for metal frames as they are more malleable and corrosion resistant.

2. Fit


Make sure you at least remember the facial features and how big or small their face is. The last thing you want to do is either get them a frame that is either too small or too big.

Make sure you slyly map their face out if you don’t remember well as to how big or small their face looks. The perfect fit matters a lot and it’s up to you to do that. Remember, buying a gift is not a big deal. Buying it right is what matters. The perfect fit and the perfect frame. Shouldn’t be too hard.