Birthday is one of the special occasions for us to show our affection, care and give meaningful birthday gifts. However, choosing appropriate, practical, and useful 50th birthday gifts for women is not easy. By the age of 40-50, it is necessary to choose a delicate gift to suit the needs of use during this period. So, please refer to the following 50th birthday gift baskets woman’s suggestions. There is sure to be a gift basket that suits your wishes!

25 Best 50th Birthday Gift Baskets for Women to Celebrate a New Decade

From practical items, and cute items to sentimental items, we have it all. Take a look at our guide below or go to giftOMG for more ideas.

1. Relaxing Spa Gift Box Basket


With an elegant and eye-catching design, this Relaxing Spa Gift Box Basket is one of the most affordable 50th birthday gift baskets for women. This birthday gift box contains one stainless steel tumbler with funny sayings, one Purple lavender bath bomb, one Pink rose bath bomb, one pink ribbon, two Soy Wax flowers,s, and fruit-scented candles, and a greeting card. It’s worth buying, isn’t it?

2. Wonderful Birthday Gifts for Women

This wonderful gift box can be given to anyone on their birthday – grandma, mom, wife, sister, best friend, or colleague. The items in the box are perfectly arranged. Inside the gift basket are a beautifully designed mug, a wine glass, a coaster, a reusable straw (with a straw brush), a heart-shaped wine stopper, socks, and a card. At an affordable price, this is a very nice gift.



The 50th birthday of the woman you love the most is coming up, so you want to surprise her on her birthday? What could be better than owning a gift box with all the essentials like a 1972 wine tumbler, 100% cotton socks, a mirror, a keychain, scented candles, and more? Each item is meticulously and carefully selected, so you can be assured of the quality!

4. Funny 50-Year-Old Birthday Gift

Are you looking for a funny 50th birthday gift basket woman? This 9-item gift basket will make any woman happy because it is both luxurious, meaningful, and practical. Some typical items such as scented candles with essential oil, bath salt, rose bath bombs, and insulated wine tumblers. The recipient will feel your care and pampering for them very much. Believe us, order it and make that woman’s 50th birthday the most special one!

5. Women’s Birthday Gift Ideas Set

With your purchase of this gift pack, you’ll receive a beautifully decorated insulated tumbler, a reusable straw, and a straw brush – all packaged very carefully and securely. The impressive point of this gift basket lies in the design of the tumbler. It has a unique purple pattern, and some artistic text and is made of high-quality stainless steel. Therefore, it is appreciated as an elegant and sophisticated birthday gift for a 50-year-old woman.

6. Tumbler with Lid Straw Fabulous Makeup Bag


Another 50th birthday gift baskets woman that we want to mention is this package. The product includes a tumbler with a lid and a makeup bag. In particular, the tumbler is made of high-quality stainless materials, has spray paint and 3D, has no strange smell and is safe. And the makeup bag uses sturdy canvas material, sturdy and skin-friendly to the touch. Both of these items can be used effectively for a long time.

7. Back In 1973 Mug

This 1973 black birthday mug is meant to welcome a new chapter and a brighter new age. Your beloved woman can use it to enjoy a warm glass of water or a rich cup of coffee in the early morning, or a glass of juice in the late afternoon. Besides, it can also be used as a perfect decoration because it contains many famous events, music, and movies from that year. For years to come, it will never fade or lose its shine.

8. Happy 50-Year-Old Birthday Gifts Basket


This gift box includes a 50th Crown Mug, a 50th Keychain, a pair of Socks, a Blue Bracelet, a scented candle, a sea salt soap, a blue Freesia bath salt ball, and a greeting card. A meaningful birthday gift for grandmother, mother, wife, aunt, sister, teacher, boss, colleague, and friend. This 50th birthday gift basket woman is sure to impress her at first sight.

9. Unique Fun Care Package Gift Basket

If you’re looking for unique 50th birthday gift baskets for women, then you shouldn’t miss this Vintage Candy gift basket! This eye-catching gift basket includes a variety of fresh and nutritious candies – stimulating the taste buds and creating excitement for users. And most of all, the price of this gift basket is very affordable. Show your love to that special woman with this colorful birthday gift basket.

10. 50-Year-Old Embroidered Baseball Cap


This 1973 vintage women’s cap is made of high-quality fabric (50% cotton and 50% polyester), with meticulous stitching and perfect curves down to the smallest detail. Simple but elegant and stylish design – suitable for all users. Whether walking, jogging, camping, shopping, partying, or sports, this 50-cotton birthday hat will keep her comfortable. This product has many colors, you can buy all colors to make your birthday gift basket richer.

11. 50th Birthday Sash & Rhinestone Tiara Kit

A 50th birthday gift that catches all eyes? It is here! It’s the 50th Birthday Sash & Rhinestone Tiara Kit. The glittering crown is made of high-quality material, friendly, durable, and comfortable to wear. The black shawl is designed to be the perfect size to fit everyone. An impressive gift basket creates splendor and splendor for a woman’s special birthday.

12. Laberri Birthday Gift

This all-inclusive birthday gift box set with 6 useful and fun gifts is meticulously designed by Laberri, a women-owned company that specializes in birthday gift baskets for women. Therefore, the selected gifts contain sophistication, practicality, and special appeal. Surely, she will be very happy when opening this cute gift package.

13. Women’s Premium Crystal Accented Watch and Bracelet Set

Are you wondering what to give your wife on her 50th birthday? Men who want to make an impression on women but don’t know what to buy that is both classy and affordable? This Women’s Premium Crystal Accented Watch and Bracelet Set is the perfect choice for her birthday. This set includes 1 watch and 3 premium crystal accented rose gold-tone bracelets. A 50th birthday gift basket for a woman is both delicate and fully expresses your feelings. Worth buying, right?

14. InnoBeta Flannel Blanket and Sock

This ideal gift basket for women includes a uniquely designed blanket and adorable socks. Fancy, warm, comfortable, funny, and cute is what this blanket possesses. It’s also lightweight, soft, and skin-friendly. In particular, this delightful blanket is proudly decorated with the words “50 & FABULOUS”, which is sure to bring a sense of excitement and optimism to the user.

15. 50th Birthday Cookies Gift Basket


Looking for memorable 50th birthday gift ideas? 50th Birthday Cookies Gift Basket will do what you want. Why? It has a unique design and distinctive taste – unlike any other on the market. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this cookie gift basket is not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious. Any woman will melt by the cuteness and attractiveness of this gift basket.

16. Granny Bella’s Birthday Gift Basket

This Granny Bella’s Gift Basket flaunts a charming decorative coffee design that’s perfect for a 50th birthday gift basket woman. Each cookie is completely handcrafted with a premium milk chocolate shell and decorated with 6 different toppings. With its eye-catching shape and great taste inside, no one can resist the appeal of this gift basket. Omg, just thinking about biting this soft, greasy, fragrant cookie makes my mouth water.

17. The Unique Gifts Set For Women


This Unique Gifts Set For Women includes 1 wine glass, 1 soap, 1 rose-scented candle, 1 mirror, 2 bath bombs, and 1 greeting card. Wine glasses are made from high-grade brewing. The bath bomb gift set is unique and luxurious. Tasting aroma has a pleasant and comfortable smell. Mirrors are convenient to carry anywhere. Each item has been thoughtfully and carefully selected – perfect as a 50th birthday gift for a woman.

18. 9Pcs 50th Birthday Decorations

For those who like beauty and are passionate about decoration, these 9Pcs 50th Birthday Decorations will surely make them extremely satisfied. Thanks to the unique design of these birthday decorations, your beloved woman’s 50th birthday party will be extremely attractive and memorable. Enhance her party atmosphere and leave good memories for her with this impressive gift basket!

19. Great Gift for Golfers

According to several studies, participants who play golf are likely to live longer than non-players. At the same time, keeping a regular exercise routine will help us prevent the aging process, making us as young and dynamic as our youth. For women entering their 50s, playing golf can bring a lot of positive benefits. The gift basket of 3 novelty golf balls is perfect for the woman who loves to play golf. A 50th birthday gift basket woman is luxurious and meaningful, isn’t it?

20. Nuts & Dried Fruits Tower Gift Basket


Nuts & Dried Fruits Tower Gift Basket includes 12 signature delicious nuts & dried fruits: Almonds, Walnuts, Honey Glazed Pecans, Honey Glazed Peanuts, Cashews, Pistachios, Brazil Nuts, Dried Papaya, Dried Pears, Dried Cranberries, Dried Kiwis, and Dried Peaches. Who doesn’t want to receive a huge food gift tower like this for their birthday? This is exactly the delightful gift basket you’ve been looking for for your beloved woman’s 50th birthday.

21. The Connoisseur Gourmet Gift Basket

Even the pickiest will be satisfied with this Connoisseur Gourmet Gift Basket. Beautiful gift wrapping, carefully selected products of premium quality, and dedicated service – what’s to complain about? This is really the perfect gift basket for any occasion, especially suitable for 50th birthdays for women to connect and maintain their love.

22. Flowers Basket PopUp Card

Bright flowers and lovely butterflies symbolize joy, love, and gratitude. So is there a reason that you don’t give a special flower basket on the 50th birthday of an important woman? All the details of this flower basket are assembled by hand by skilled craftsmen. The special feature is that it is inside a card. Whether it is given to your grandmother, mother, sister, or friend, it will always touch their hearts.

23. Premium Birthday Tea Gift Set

With a woman turning 50 years old, surely they will wish their health is always good. What do you think about the healthy 50th birthday gift baskets woman? Very cool, isn’t it? This Premium Birthday Tea Gift Set includes our Vanilla Spiced Masala Chai, Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea, Sweet Himalayan Green Tea & Chocolate Vanilla Herbal Tea. This is exactly the practical gift basket you are looking for.

24. Get Well Soon Gifts Basket for Women


Good health is the most precious gift. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give meaningful health gift baskets to your beloved woman. This gift basket is filled with love, care, and warmth. It has tonic properties and improves the health of the user. Whether it’s smell, sight, or touch, it can make her feel that you’re devoted and thoughtful to her. Trust us, this gift basket is sure to bring a smile to her face and make her 50th birthday extra special!

25. Amazing 50th Birthday Gift Set

Our final recommendation for 50th birthday gift baskets for women is this amazing 50th birthday gift set. It has a modern, elegant, and beautiful design, filled with quality and interesting gifts. Some typical items include a delicate jewelry tray, an insulated stainless steel tumbler, a makeup bag, a necklace, a rose gold mirror, funny socks, stainless steel straws, a card, and more. The special woman in your life is sure to feel pampered and loved. The perfect birthday gift choice for any amazing woman turning 50.


When choosing to buy birthday gifts for middle-aged women, pay attention to their own preferences or serve their daily work to choose the right gift baskets. A gift basket that matches your interests or serves daily work will be more meaningful and useful than many other great value gifts.

Searching for 50th birthday gift baskets for women is actually not a simple task. But everything is made simple with our helpful suggestions. Surely, through this sharing, you have found the most suitable and impressive gift basket. To add sophistication, you should include a cute card or a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. These things will make a woman’s smile brighter. Don’t forget to check our website regularly for more unique gift selection tips!