Unless you are living in a small city where everything is 5 or 10 minutes away from you, chances are that commuting will be a big part of your life, or should we say – the biggest one. It has been proven that people spend approximately 30 minutes to an hour travelling to work everyday, and this means that when calculated the total number of hours spent, they spend nine days a year just to commute to their work!

Still, it’s up to every individual to decide how long is too long and how far their job can be from their home, in other words how long they’re ready to commute on a daily basis. While for some half an hour is acceptable, for others one hour and a half is acceptable. However, one thing is sure – everybody is trying to get to their destination of choice as fast as they can.

If this means driving fast, trying different commutes, alternative roads and streets, leaving home a bit earlier to avoid the worst traffic, or finally – getting a different ride, people are ready to experiment until they find the best option that would save them some time, energy and money. But do these strategies really work in reality? Chances are you have tried different commutes and already decided which one is the fastest, how much time you need and what the amount of your expenses will be.

But have you tried different vehicles or public transportation? Click here to find out more. Thanks to the global pandemic, almost the entire world was forced to work from home, which has shown how many hours have people saved so far, by not having to travel or commute on a daily basis, and recent surveys also showed that people are more productive, efficient and in a better mood if they commute less than usual, or if they don’t need to commute at all. Unfortunately, this is not an option for many. 

This is why you shouldn’t be surprised with the fact that the best alternatives (and the fastest) to a car are motorcycles, and scooters! However, if your commute is too long then having a bike is not the best choice for you, while motorcycles require a relatively high initial investment and are almost equally complicated to park and maintain as if you were driving a car. This is why you see so many people on scooters these days. It seems like it’s one of the best commute solutions, since scooters allow you to move fast, without having to worry that you will be stuck in traffic. But that’s not their only advantage over other types of vehicles. 

Let’s dig into the reasons why scooters are the best choice for commuting:

1. Traffic jams are not your problem


One of the biggest sources of stress and anxiety for people are most certainly traffic jams. It’s the endless waiting and the feeling of helplessness that drives people crazy. This is why many people try to do something simultaneously, such as listening to an audio book or an online course while driving to work. However it’s hard to concentrate on both driving and listening to a lesson.

The time still goes by. Finally, traffic jams are quite unpredictable which means that there is not much you can do about them, instead of just waiting and being stressed out, however using the scooter solves this problem for you.

Scooters are small and convenient but you can also drive them on the majority of city roads, including sidewalks and bike lanes. This allows you to even go through some of the pedestrian zones, if that’s what makes your commute shorter, but you can also use them in commutes where you would drive your car, bike or motorcycle. And you don’t have to wait in line with 60 other cars.

2. You don’t have to park


Assuming that you got to work, and survived the traffic jam the next thing you have to do is to park. Although this isn’t complicated for people who have a parking lot that belongs to their company (and their parking spot), there still are many people who don’t have a parking spot so they have to leave their car far away from the work and then walk and waste even more of their time.

What’s good about scooters is the fact that they are portable, and some of them can easily be assembled and reassembled when you need them to, so you can carry your scooter with you, anywhere you go. Still, parking a motorcycle or a scooter is a lot easier than parking the car; at the same time it’s also a lot cheaper.

3. Your expenses will decrease


When it goes to scooters the ratio of their price and quality is great. For a couple of hundreds of dollars as an initial investment, you get a plethora of benefits, and the financial ones should most certainly be mentioned! Not only will you save money on parking, but you will also lower or eliminate fuel consumption, and completely transfer to other sources of energy (in this case, choosing an electric scooter).

Other than that, insurance and taxes are much lower compared to the same expenses you would have on a monthly or yearly basis, if you drove a car or a motorcycle, which is a fantastic way to save money and invest them in something that’s valuable to you instead of wasting it on your commuting.

4. You are saving the planet


Finally, saving the planet is surely not the first thing that comes to your mind when you are on your commute, but you should still be aware that if a certain percentage of people started using scooters instead of cars – air pollution will be significantly decreased, and it will be beneficial for both you and our planet. At the same time, fuel consumption in general will also be decreased, and you would tremendously contribute to sustainability with just a small step like this. Sounds like a win-win situation for us!