Driving a truck is not an easy job. There are so many different things every driver needs to pay attention to, besides the actual driving of course. So, you can presume how hard it can be for some of them. Furthermore, we can see that there are a plethora of different trucking laws. These laws provide complete control over the actual process both in terms of should a driving session last and what can be carried as cargo. 

We are absolutely sure that the highest percentage of drivers don’t really like these laws. However, they have the task of providing a whole new layer of security to the drivers. So, now the length of the session is limited and they are obligated to take a break after a couple of hours. This was the reason logbooks were introduced. If you are curious about how this concept looks, you can learn more here. 

Using logbooks is a pretty important thing for every driver nowadays due to all the information about the journey. The staff of the trucking company has all the information within their reach at every moment. Furthermore, we can see that there are more benefits. Let us take at some of the reasons why this is such an important part of every business.

1. Transparency


Having a clear table and transparent situation at all times is both important for drivers and the company. With using logbooks, you can be sure that you will have all kinds of information at your disposal. Every vehicle will have its own record, and every driver will be to insert any kind of information he or she considers to be important for the company.

With all of the information being transparent, you can make sure that all the relationships with drivers will be completely clear, without any potential for some kind of disputes or arguments. It goes without saying that any problem of this nature can be pretty damaging for the business itself. Therefore, preventing all negative things will be that both parties will be able to save money and time. Check here to know more about this topic.

2. Efficiency


Using a proper logbook will provide every company to have much efficient working process. This is especially important for companies that have a large number of trucks under them. So, when the whole truck fleet is optimized, you can be sure that it will become much more effective after some amount of time.

Well, probably the most thing that can be controlled is the consumption of fuel. Naturally, you can see what your fleet costs you at any moment. Furthermore, you can check what is the current state of every vehicle. This gives you the opportunity to have control over the feel and to prevent all the negative effects, which are bound to occur sometimes. By preventing these, you will be able to save some money and time.

3. Safety


Safety is a crucial thing for every trucking company. There are two reasons for this, the wellbeing of the driver and the vehicle. Naturally, it can happen that a driver drives a pretty long distance and he is in need of some immediate help. The company can take a look at some of the information that can be crucial for establishing the width of the problem and send help at once.

However, if something like this happens and a truck accident occurs, a driver needs to be informed about the legal help he can get. More precisely, he will need a personal injury attorney who will prepare all the documents and evidence about the accident in order to support the driver and give him the opportunity to get a fair recovery compensation. In that way, the driver can focus on his health instead of worrying about the long legal procedure and whether he will get what he deserves. If something like this, happens you can consult with the experts from and rely on their knowledge and reputation.

Besides that, the security of the cargo is a pretty important thing. Since there are many different types of cargo, you can be sure that every kind requires its own set of conditions in order not to spoil during the trip. It goes without saying that we are pretty certain that logbooks can provide a whole another layer of security for every kind of cargo and driver as well.

4. Speed


Having all the essential information about the vehicle and the driver in a matter of seconds is an absolute must. This means that the company will have enough time to react whenever it is needed. Furthermore, logbooks are pretty easy to use, due to the support they have for every kind of the platform they can be used on.

They can be used both on a smartphone or any other kind of platform, like laptops or tablets. Based on the nature of the app the company is using, there could be some kind of features that could insert limited visibility to the drivers. Furthermore, if there is any kind of damage to the vehicle, or when drivers are in some kind of danger, the company can learn all about it in a matter of seconds. So, help can be sent immediately.

5. Administration


All of us know that logbooks can bridge the gap that can be established between the company and its employees. Without them, we can see that there would be a lot of different problems without it. All of the information inserted into the logbooks are generated immediately, so, every employer has the time to act for whatever reason.

Furthermore, all of the documents are in electronic form, so the driver will not have the obligation to scan anything. This makes the whole administration and all its processes much easier and smoother than without it. Also, this is done in order to separate private and professional trips. So, this means that the employer could provide the driver with the exact amount of money and not pay for a trip that was used for private journeys.

The Wrap-up

You can be sure that maintaining a trucking company is a pretty hard task to perform. So, this means that every company needs to use some kind of tools that can make this process much easier than it has to be. Furthermore, we can see that using log books can provide them with just that. This kind of app is absolutely helpful for a wide array of different situations. Here, we’ve provided you with a couple of reasons why they are actually important for your business and what you can do with them to increase the efficiency of your truck fleets.