The pandemic is the change of the world. It is not just a problem facing the whole world, it is also a reason for change and progress for the whole world. Wondering why? This is because of the pandemic, by setting new rules for us, we are looking for a way to obey them, and yet it will not be difficult for us to live. It applies to everything. It refers to wearing masks (we look for masks that are easy to breathe), in terms of disinfectants (we look for a disinfectant that is gentle on our hands, yet effective), we look for a way to work protected (we work from home, not from the office) and of course, we are looking for a way to shop around and be safe from the virus (we shop through stores that are available online).

The changes are obvious. They are especially obvious when it comes to shopping. An increasing number of online shopping malls and e-shops are selling daily. It went online, from the local bakery to your favorite coffee brand. Everyone is online, everything is online. What is the reason? The number one reason is the protection of the health of sellers and buyers, the second reason is the practicality and ease with which it is marketed with just one click and the third reason is the speed. Everyone wants this approach in these conditions in which we live, so the brands decided on such a big and favorable change for them, but also their customers.


Brands simply did what they could do most quickly and practically – they moved online, and their most common choice is Shopify. They decided to either open their stores on their sites or partner with all the brands in big e-shopping malls like Shopify. However, it is more practical to be part of large shopping platforms such as Shopify because everything is in one place and the decision of the customers will be easier because they will not need to visit the site one by one.

Are you considering making such a change? You want to join Shopify, but you do not know how to start the procedure, how to move to that principle of selling your products? No need to wander through the mazes of the Internet. All you need to do is decide on such a change and make it happen. Wondering how? Do not ask anymore because today we bring you 6 tips on how to design your new online store Shopify, the largest online shopping mall. Are you ready to introduce yourself to your customers in a new light? If you are ready to start with the tips.

1. Consider the terms offered by Shopify – the first and most important thing to focus your attention on are the terms offered by this mall for small and medium businesses. Like any website that offers services, this one has conditions that it puts in front of the collaborators before starting cooperation with any of the businesses. What we would tell you is that this site has perhaps one of the simplest and most favorable conditions unlike other sites and that is why it is known as a mall that is intended for small and medium businesses because the conditions make it a desirable place where that these businesses can sell their products.


2. Take a look at the most popular product categories that sell best for you – the next thing you need to look at is the offer you have. You need to make a small cross-section and see what are the products that have sold best in the past. Let that intersection be crucial in deciding which product categories to represent in the new online store. Of course, you can add another category that you think will be particularly successful online because of its appeal. You have enough time to find out and of course, decide what your online performance will be like.

3. Determine which categories you will make available – after seeing the results of the short section and analyzing which categories are super sold in the past period, you will need to make the final decision about what will go in your online store. See what the results say and start making the list. Add to the list the categories that are popular, the products that are part of those categories, and of course – add what you think will be particularly successful, because sometimes it is worth being guided by your intuition, especially when it comes to online sales in which experiments often succeed.

4. Choose your theme to use in your online store – the next thing to pay attention to is choosing the theme to use when designing your new online store. Take a look at the sea of ​​templates posted on the internet and choose the one that will best describe you as a brand. Make sure the template contains the colors of the brand as this will make your brand stronger, also be careful to choose a minimalist look of the template. The search requires a lot of focus, right? The selection is large and needs to be fully reviewed, and if you have a lack of choice you can find more suggestions at We are sure that you will choose the best for your brand.

5. Choose photos for your products – do you want to present your offer at the best and highest level? Then you definitely need to choose only the best photos, and if you do not have a large enough selection of quality photos we have a solution. Hire a professional photographer who will address this shortcoming with the help of his professional approach and creativity.


6. Think about the content you will post next – in addition to posting the products you will also need to devise the context you will post. Yes, it would be great if you also have content that you will publish on a part of the store that will act as an adjuster or a blog that will show quality photo sessions of new products that will be available or are already available in your shop.

A well-thought-out course of activities, right? We are sure that these tips of ours will come in handy and will help you in opening the digitized version of your business that will be available online for all your loyal, but also those new customers. Good luck!