Managing and running your business can be stressful, especially if you don’t have all the needed tools. One of them is CRM software, for sure. Salespeople often see CRM as another helpful tool that will keep track of their work and everything in place. Are you wondering what are the perks of CRM and if it is the right move for your business? Keep on reading and find out all there is to know about this must-have tool.

What are the benefits of using CRM Software?


According to statistics, there has been an amazing increase in the use of Mobile CRM in 2014, and people have been using it and loving it ever since! In fact, over 87% of businesses have made this move, are you ready to follow their lead as well?

Here are the most common reasons why people need CRM software:

  • It will improve your customer service
  • Helps with the overall satisfaction
  • Improves customer retention
  • Increases your sales
  • Generates new business
  • Improves your market intelligence
  • Reduces costs
  • Helps with customer renewals

Do you need CRM?

Despite these benefits, it is crucial to use the tool the right way, and have just the right level of knowledge to implement it the right way. The biggest challenge that most salespeople will run into is that they are either:

  1. Not knowing how to qualify and follow up on leads
  2. Not knowing how to prioritize sales activities

If you want an amazing CRM software for free that will manage most of your issues with ease, EngageBay CRM may be your ideal choice! You can create your account in a few simple steps and then track deals and watch how the sales pipeline grows your sales, and build meaningful customer relationships. The tool is beginner-friendly as well as super easy to use.

Top 10 reasons why you will want a CRM software

1. It is a safe storage space


CRM will help salespeople not worry about their new contacts, as well as any sales opportunities. You will have everything stores in place and sorted out properly without worrying that some data can end up being lost. If you are a neat person and someone who usually loves to have everything stores and just one click away, CRM will do the job for you!

2. Planning and managing like a pro

CRM will optimize your daily schedules and will prioritize some tasks to make the customer satisfied with your response time. No customer will be ignored and the key prospects are always done on time. Faster sales and better responses with customers will lead to more positivity and a stronger customer bond.

3. Activity reports

CRM helps salespeople prepare for the upcoming week or month with their reports for the entire management team. The process itself is automated as well as transparent and it is done in just a couple of clicks that will inform your entire office or team about any current sales or upcoming sales that are in progress.

4. More targeted work


CRM helps the entire team or a salesperson to segment data and identify valuable opportunities through some important sections. By doing this targeted work the system will prevent you from spending hours and hours going through various documents or surfing through some human-made errors of disorganized data.

5. Stay up-to-date, always

CRM has different documents and calendars, as well as e-mail templates that can be beneficial for the entire team. By selling some patterns and sharing specific information you will always stay up to date on any new changes, but you will also increase the communication between the entire sales force and sales management team.

6. Great for newer sales

CRM will help you know exactly and at all times when and how to reach your customers. For instance, you will know everything about contract renewals, product replacements, as well as new services. By having everything listed out and presented, you are one step closer to a sale.

7. Rationalize your sales


CRM will help you streamline your sales. By doing so you will close your deals in pipeline sales and will help others reach their target faster. Did you know that order processing and preparing quotes is automated in CRM? This allows the sales team to reduce the production cost and increase its sales.

8. Know your customers

Customer data is stored in your CRM. This means that it will help salespeople do the needed investigation of customers and will help with anticipating their problems. By having high customer satisfaction and loyalty, you will also have higher profit margins.

9. No more admin tasks

Admin tasks are the worst for some people, but you can completely avoid them and reduce the stress by letting the CRM software take care of it for you. Removing some of the repetitive actions does take a lot of time, so let CRM store your products, prices, details, as well as all the little tasks that can be too time-consuming to write down. While CRM software is powerful on its own, integrating your CRM with other tools and software makes your job so much easier. An example of software integrated into a CRM is gym membership software. The software can then function as more than just a CRM for gyms and clubs, which enables you to run a full-service marketing campaign to promote your gym.

10. Save money


CRM system is not cheap at all, but in the long run, it can actually help you save money! Salespeople are trying to reduce common mistakes, such as order numbers, quotes, etc. CRM is cost-efficient and it will fix these little errors at a faster speed. Once you make your investment and you do get yourself a CRM software (but always remember that there are some free options to try out) you will be one step closer to a more successful and busier business.

Ready for a CRM software?

After reading this article, do you feel as if the CRM software is a necessity? Loads of people will advise you to get it and to speed up your sales + you will enjoy watching your revenue grow. Follow these 10 rules and implement them as soon as possible. You, your company, and your colleagues will notice a huge difference because of the CRM software!