Mobile gaming as a whole has been setting records year on year and quickly edging out the bigger dedicated gaming markets such as the consoles and PCs, at the heart of this growth for many had been the successes found in the casino and betting genres as many services can be found to match any individual need regardless of regulation or ruling that may prevent play – but what has set mobile gaming apart, and why is it able to grow faster than all other gaming markets?

Ease of access for a new demographic


Whilst the dedicated gaming landscape is stronger than it has ever been, it still suffers from the same issue – for consoles, players are required to drop a large sum of money on the initial console and then additional costs for each game they’d like to play. For the PC player, it can be expensive to build a custom rig capable of matching expectations. Mobile gaming removes all of this – simply pick up your phone, whether brand new or a few years old, and you can likely play any title you find. This has allowed an audience that typically hadn’t been represented in gaming to find a new passion, with some studies even suggesting that over 50% of all mobile gamers are women over the age of 34 – a market that is extremely underrepresented within gaming.

A lower time requirement


A big factor that has also played a part in the success of mobile gaming is the more casual nature to playing – with dedicated options you need to have the time to sit there are devoted a little time in order to get the most out of your experience, but in the daily hustle and bustle that may not always be an option – for mobile gamers, it’s the simple action of tapping a button and you’re away, need to get on with something else? Simply minimize the game and get on with your other task without fear of falling behind or losing progression. With the casual gamer being the larger part of the audience, this has been a vital step in the success.

Sharing is rewarding


Many of these titles are also widely represented on social media and social media continues to play a huge role in mobile gaming – particularly with the audiences most attracted to these handheld devices, sharing your big wins is a huge part of the experience. With the connectivity to your social accounts, you can get your friends and family to join in, share your big accomplishments, or even ask for advice if needed – it’s a rewarding part of mobile gaming that more dedicated platforms have started to catch on to with options becoming more robust, but continues to be a backbone in mobile gaming and something that certainly helped push it forward.

Great Selection of Games


Another great thing about smartphones is that an average device can support almost all of the popular titles. On the other hand, flagship phones have specifications that can be compared with an average laptop or even PC. Therefore, the experience of gaming is amazing. Moreover, companies are aware that mobile gaming is becoming more popular, which is the reason why we have so many accessories available today. On the other hand, these gadgets might attract even those people who claim that the experience of playing video games on smartphones will never be as good as on consoles and PC. We can choose from a great selection of additional accessories for your phones, like controllers, VR headsets, ergonomic cases, and many other products.

When it comes to games, you can choose from all kinds of genres, and the selection is today the same as for consoles and PC. Also, it is interesting that some of these games have reached the popularity of video games for other platforms like FIFA, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, and many other titles. For a long time, people were playing mobile games when they are on a lunch break at work or while waiting for a bus. Nonetheless, we can see that many of them are playing them all the time, even when they are at home, where they can switch to some other gaming platform. Even the streaming services like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, are full of people who became popular for streaming their performances while playing some popular mobile titles. Some of the most popular ones in 2024 are PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, Game of Thrones, Minecraft mobile, Pokémon Go, Hearthstone, and many more.

Effects of Lockdown


Another factor that affected the massive use of apps and games on smartphones is that many people had to stay home for a longer period during 2024. Therefore, people had more free time, and most of them found smartphones as the most convenient devices to use most of the time. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the number of downloads and increased popularity of mobile gaming is on a significant raise when we compare it with last year. Besides entertainment, there is also the ability to use smartphones for many other things, like online shopping, checking the news, watching your preferred streams or TV channels, and much more.

The mobile platform has already been suggested as the next big step forward in gaming, with some requirements on better hardware and a little more infrastructure it can certainly get there, and 2024 as a whole has shown just how strong the market is. Furthermore, besides the standard games, we can see that many people became interested in online gambling as well. The gambling industry also became much more popular during 2024, which is also affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that people have more free time. There are many benefits of playing casino games on mobile devices, such as convenience, comfort, interface, and more. The developers created modern platforms where you can choose from numerous websites and thousands of online slots, poker tables, and other games.

With such popularity, there is also a raised awareness about gambling addiction. It became much easier to gamble when you can do it over your phone. The registration process and depositing requires only a few moments. Therefore, some online casinos have introduced a new feature called Game Stop, where people can choose to unsubscribe from the website without the ability to register there again. On the other hand, there are many casinos without this option, you can see them here