Affording yourself a new property is among the greatest achievements in life, as you will have something truly yours. This means you will no longer have to depend on the mercy of others and rent a house, an apartment, or business space. Real estate has always been a lucrative business and something that everyone wants to own. Therefore, it should be approached with great care and planning in order not to mess up along the way and purchase something you will soon grow to regret.

In order to help you with this often overwhelming task, you will need some help from experienced professionals. In this line of work, the experts come in the form of commercial real estate agents. Hiring a good one to help you strategize and eventually purchase your new home or office space is a lifesaver, especially the first time around. Therefore, we have decided to help anyone who may be in this kind of circumstance right now with a simple guide. Make sure to read on to learn how to look for a commercial real estate agent in 2024. Furthermore, if you are located in Ormeau and the wider Gold Coast Region, make sure to visit

1. Experience


Obviously, the most important thing your new real estate agent has to have is lots of experience in his field. In order for someone to do business in this line of work, they have to possess a license that legally allows them to handle commercial transactions. However, having such a license and merely being able to work does not mean that they know what they are doing 100% of the time, or that they will do a good job in your case. Therefore it is of crucial importance that you hire an agent with a good track record, someone who has dealt with numerous large scale and small scale commercial transactions in the past.

Do not be shy and hesitate to ask about their history. You have the right to know everything about them before you decide to use their skills. Top agents are also willing to provide you with the references they received and provide their portfolios with the real estate they have so far sold. Openly ask them how they have been working in the field and start evaluating how good of an option they are for you.

2. Local Expertise and Market Knowledge


Next on the list of important things to consider when hiring a commercial real estate agent is how knowledgeable and familiar they are with the local community. You do not want someone who lives and works a few cities away to find the best place for you in your own city. The best thing you can do to help your case is to ask around the city for the best local experts who every square inch of town and know about the different advantages and shortages of certain neighborhoods and areas.

This way you will not regret going with what they suggested once you finally move into your new home or into your fresh new workspace. The ability to predict future changes in the community and advise you on how to properly look after the property depending on the location is what your new real estate agent should have.

3. Marketing Skillset


Making a lease on a new real estate property or selling your old one both require strong marketing skills and a good approach. Putting up the listing is actually the easiest part the agent does, as anybody can make a listing online these days. The real estate agent has to be tech-savvy first of all, as well as proactive and hard-working. Sitting and waiting for tenants or buyers to call them first can last too long and it is not the most profitable nor efficient way to do business.

The agent has to have the proper marketing skills for the modern age. Social media, digital platforms, and the right kind of local marketing have to be utilized together with the goal of reaching as many potential customers as possible. The last thing you want is to wait for ages for your property to be sold or leased, or for the agent to use their marketing skills to get you the best deal on the property you wish to purchase.

4. Connections


In any kind of business, having a wide web of contacts is crucial. This is especially important in the line of work where interacting and dealing with people is so heavily present like it is in the world of real estate. Real estate agents are generally quite connected because they know their cities inside and out, but the best of them are much more connected than average ones. While looking for the real estate agent to help you with your needs, you will want them to have as many connections as possible and with the right contractors and business, as well as local communities.

Each home or business owner needs the right kind of experts only a call away, the best people in different aspects of home care including cleaning, plumbing, woodworking, electricity, and many others. If the real estate agent knows enough people, it means they have worked together before and maybe you can get something for the future out of their relationship since the agent will call them to tend to the property and inspect it.

5. Accessibility and Responsiveness


Last but not least, the real estate agent has to be accessible and responsive. You cannot do anything if the agent you have hired never returns your calls, if they are not punctual, or if they take ages to come through on something that was previously negotiated. The best agents in the field always care about their customers enough to call back, text, send emails, and offer them new solutions if the old one does not work for whatever reason. Being on the same page throughout your partnership is going to surely result in a wonderful experience for both sides. You will have a new property or a successfully sold one, while the agent will have a new reference from yet another satisfied customer!