As time went by, we have slowly moved to an era where low budget porn movies are being less and less filmed. We have already moved far away from sexy scenes in adult movies where a sexy pizza delivery guy knocks on the door, and they are opened by a gorgeous beauty in lace lingerie, followed by boiling scenes. Low-budget films have been replaced by high production, and porn actresses have become real stars.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the global economy and all its sectors, including the adult entertainment industry. As many have written coronavirus has influenced a complete switch in this part of the film industry.

Many film studios used this time to edit and publish those movies that remained to be completed production-wise, but this, of course, wasn’t expected to last forever. At a time when measures of social distancing made it impossible to make new films, the studios reacted automatically and set about designing new content.

On the other hand, the fact that people were forbidden to move has significantly increased the number of visits to adult entertainment sites. Social distancing measures were also one of the reasons. People had more time during the lockdown. Click here for the list of the best and most viewed adult entertainment sites.

So, what are the latest trends in the adult entertainment industry that have occurred during these interesting times?

High-quality home-made videosStudios have sent professional cameras, camcorders, and lighting devices to actors who live together and who can then film themselves in their own homes. Actors’ tutorials are also being made to help them master the techniques of recording and editing videos. This way, porn actors can make their amateur films at home, upload it online, and earn a lot of money. The pressure is much less and they can decide for themselves what to do and what not. Besides, viewers like it because movies made in this way seem much more real, so enjoyment is greater.

Millions of those who stayed in their homes made it possible to increase the traffic of popular video services.

1. More women producers in the industry


The porn industry has traditionally been a male industry for many years. But there is more and more space every day for women who want their name not only written on the list of actors, and they are getting ready to claim it. The viewers strive for more creative work behind the camera, and according to experts, we will watch more and more such films created by women. Okay, at least some.

The internet itself is an excellent opportunity for independent production, enabling all-female actors to turn to entrepreneurship. They can make their films using the phones, if not professional cameras, upload them to the internet, and collect a profit for themselves.

2. Virtual reality movies


This might not be the newest trend but will continue to rise during the upcoming years. Experts in this industry say that 2024 will be the year when so-called VR porn will reach new limits of success, due to all that’s happening in the world and the development of the technology as well. Namely, virtual reality as such is on the rise, and the pornography industry is following in its footsteps. Today’s technology allows the user a completely new experience in which they see, hear, but can also feel as if they are really in a room with one or several porn stars. And all of this, from the comfort of their own home. Watching porn movies in four times more pixels, details, and quality of HD resolution is going to make you not want to leave your house, what more, enjoy if another lockdown happens.

3. Increase in the quality of the movies


Today, it is no longer enough to undress two porn actors, design some average scenario, and start the action. Pornography today is taking on a somewhat Hollywood character and is becoming a much better-quality production than it used to be. Today’s porn takes on a bit of a Hollywood feel, it gets prettier, it gets cinematic and visually appealing and better, while still being sexy. The reason for this is that there is a large amount of free pornography in the industry offered on the internet and for it to survive it must offer quality and must stand out with something.

20 years ago, you could have gone through the market with any kind of porn and poor customer support, but today you have to compare and compete with Netflix quality competitors.

4. Variety of genre


The offer of porn movies is more diverse than ever, and to keep its viewers the porn industry had to go a step further and devise ambitious content. Considering that, they will continue investing in making different genre movies, such as horror movies, action movies, and thrillers. The movies are full of action, exciting scenes, and adrenaline that makes your heart beat faster.

These movies will also still not switch to the “free porn” category. To attract people to pay for pornography at all, you have to offer them something more ambitious, something much bigger. With the very theme of the industry, and we know what it is, action movies with other tense elements are offered more and more. Production and budgets are growing quite a bit.

Adult Entertainment awards and Expo have already stated that with so many ambitious projects with action and thriller elements in them, they had to even introduce new categories in AVN awards. Some adult movies even follow the psychological thriller genre.

But have you noticed how each star wears sexy panties and there isn’t a film in which the actress doesn’t dress provocatively. is doing everything it can to motivate women to show their sexuality and feel confident. With their underwear, they will also be comfortable, other than looking seductive.

5. Personalized content


Some porn stars have said they’ve given up performing for producers because so many fans are now paying for a subscription to videos only they can watch. It’s a kind of personalized content

For such private video porn stars are charging higher fees, especially for pronouncing fan names or executing some fantasies. Almost all porn actors now sell personalized video material on premium websites.

Revenue from direct interaction between performers and fans has been growing for years, and the coronavirus pandemic has led to an explosion of this content.