As states are becoming more open to recreational marihuana, lots of cannabis enthusiasts are cropping all across the country. The need for innovative methods of experiencing marihuana has never been higher, so to speak.

With high-quality accessories flooding the recently legalized industry, people no longer have to look through different smoke shops for cheap pieces that will break after short-term use.

That said, you might be looking to buy a smoking accessory so you can venture into the world of marihuana, or you might be looking to get one for a stoner, you know.

To help you out, here’s a comprehensive list of 3 common items you are guaranteed to find in an online smoke shop like The Freeze Pipe to enhance your cannabis experience.

1. Water Bongs


Bongs are a smoking device, usually made out of ceramic or glass, that comes with a water chamber for purifying cannabis smoke. Bongs are very popular among avid smokers because they give off a stronger, longer-lasting high.

As a beginner who is perhaps only familiar with joints, a bong may seem a bit complex. Let’s break down how you can work them correctly.

How to Use a Bong

One of the benefits of using a bong is how easy they are to use. You can easily pack your weed and take a hit within no more than 30 seconds, unlike rolling a joint, which can take you quite a bit of time.

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the different parts of your bong. While there are many different designs of bongs in the market, you’ll find four parts common among nearly all types of bongs. They include the downstem, bowl, chamber, and mouthpiece.

Remove the downstem and our water through the opening. The amount of water you use depends on the size of your bong. A good rule of thumb is to have it reach one inch above the downstem.

Next, fill up your bowl with marijuana. If you want to get a clean hit, make sure the bowl is clean and does not have any ash or debris. Also, remember to grind your weed so that it burns evenly. Remove any stems or seeds that might be present in the mix.

Raise the mouthpiece, place your lips inside to create a tight seal, and then light the bowl. Inhale so that the flow of air draws the flame lower to spark the herb.

Smoke will pass through the bong water, where it will be filtered before going to the chamber, which is the body of the bong, and into your lungs.

In case you happen to cough uncontrollably, don’t worry, as most people cough the first time. But with time, you’ll learn to control it as well as how to ration your breaths so that you can manage your inhaling and exhaling better.

2. Weed Grinder


Every self-respecting stoner needs a grinder to grind down their weed. Although the same can be done using your hands, a grinder is a much faster and cleaner method. Grinding your weed down also helps get the flavor and fragrance out of your weed.

Some people would argue that it’s better to simply buy pre-ground weed. But the thing with marijuana is that it can get very stale with time. The more your bud is torn apart, the faster it gets stale. As such, weed is best when kept intact until it needs to be prepared for a proper smoke session.

How to Use a Grinder

The first thing you need to do when using the grinder is to take off the top lid. Break up your buds using your fingers into sizable portions that can fit between your grinder’s teeth. However, don’t put any bud in the middle because it won’t get shredded since that’s where the magnet pivots.

Next, cover the top of the grinder and give it a few rotations until all the bud falls through the holes. Feel free to remove the top and tap it against the grinder’s side to loosen up any weed that could be left stuck between the grinder’s teeth.

Unscrew the grinder to uncover the basket chamber holding your freshly ground cannabis. You can now load into your bong, pipe, or joint and enjoy.

Remember that you have to clean your grinder for it to keep working optimally. You’ll notice that after some time, the threading where the chambers screw together will become sticky, making it hard to twist open.

To clean it, rub the sticky parts with salt and some isopropyl alcohol using a q-tip. Next, use a small toothbrush or paintbrush to remove any loose leaf.

3. Rolling Papers


Rolling weed is an art form from when you buy the weed, break it down, and roll it per your preferred style. It is a very intricate and creative process that most experienced marihuana smokers began.

Rolling papers are made from natural materials such as rice straw, flax, and hemp. They became popular in Europe and North America at a time when tobacco smokers preferred using their rolling papers to avoid high cigarette taxation. It wasn’t long before stoners followed suit.

Whether handmade or machine-rolled, each smoker has their preferred rolling method. Since none is better than the other, here’s a simple and common method of rolling a joint.

How to Roll a Joint

Some people roll their joints without the filter, but some people prefer using it. The filter doesn’t actually filter the smoke, but it helps prevent lip and finger burns. Layout your rolling paper with the glue strip facing up and sprinkle your weed across the paper.

Take the side closest to you and roll it into a tube. Lick the glue strip and twist the end without the filter. You can now light up and enjoy your blunt.

Finding an Ideal Online Smoke Shop

Today, online smoke shops are stocked with options of varying shapes, sizes, and functionalities. All kinds of brands are making accessories available for both casual smokers and cannasseurs in mind.

Make sure your preferred online smoke shop has good customer service and affordable prices so you can have the freedom to buy any of the accessories listed above.