Digital marketing is an essential ingredient for the success of modern businesses. With advertisements and entertainment platforms dominating the lives of tech-addicted internet users, the visibility on the biggest websites and platforms dictates your success. With search engines – one of the best IT inventions of the XXI century, internet users always have the fastest route to seek out services and products, waiting for them at the top of search results.

In 2024, businesses that focus on search engine optimization (SEO) hold the top positions in Google search results, which automatically makes them a go-to option for most internet users. While marketing campaigns have other ways to reach clients, like social media management, banner ads on popular websites, and cooperation with the content creator, SEO remains the most effective way to reach clients.


Thankfully, the rules can be bent, and some optimization efforts can be omitted with the purchase of Google ads. In this article, we will help you understand the basic SEO processes that ensure a top position in search engine results pages (SERP) and how you can skip some of the steps with properly optimized local Google ads.

By understanding the factors that trigger the appearance of these advertisements, especially when pursuing localization in desired regions. In the end, we will also address the usage of proxy servers for appearance testing. If you want your google ads to be visible in Turkey, you will be able to test their appearance with a Turkey proxy.

Most providers will offer thousands of reliable Turkey proxy IPs that will safely reroute your connection and give you a window into the localized internet for an affordable price. To learn more about the use cases and availability of a Turkey proxy, we recommend Smartproxy – a knowledgeable provider with educational material via blog articles and an overview of offered services. Understanding these tools will aid you in the successful application of desired google ads.

What dictates the appearance of Google ads


As most of us search for services and specific goods with the help of a search engine query, some keywords trigger the appearance of Google ads. With an easy pathway to most relevant businesses, companies are willing to pay to get a shortcut to top search results or an appearance on partner websites and pages owned by Google.

Because no internet user can imagine browsing the web without Google or any other search engine, everyone uses it as a gateway to desired websites, and extremely intense user traffic makes it the best advertisement platform. While most successful pages have a lot of backlinks associated with the keyword, Google highlights the appearance of paid ads, and the triggering is governed by the same tools.

By setting up advertisements with keywords that are most often used to seek out the goods and services offered by your business, the favorable placement will instantly make your company one of the top choices. Such a boost in SERP performance maximizes client outreach, as most visitors love the convenience of the comfortable presentation model and associate the top positions with the absolute best providers of desired goods. These criteria make top pages perfect marketing assets, and Google ads give you a guaranteed result with less SEO effort.

Google ad Localization


Many businesses today undervalue the client’s gravitation towards the closest provider of desired services. Some specifically search for companies near them to avoid the need for shipping and enjoy the ability to get the product from the store.

Successful representation of Google ads is the most effective when working on local keywords. Paired with additional extensions that tie the ad to the targeted regions, physical locations for stores and offices, and regional telephone numbers, the purchased advertisement will cement a strong SERP position and fewer competitors connected to your brand.

While businesses engage in a long fight when pursuing a top position with the most common keywords, targeting a specific locale becomes easier if you focus on local keywords and attractive representation. The strategy is especially effective in regions with non-English speakers, where a large portion of queries is written in native languages. Connecting those search queries with google ads is your best bet for effective localization.

Testing with proxy servers


If you want to expand into a foreign country, looking up the keywords that must have Google ads will not show you the same results pages. To test your marketing efforts, use legitimate proxy servers from the best, affordable providers. If you are not dealing with data-sensitive tasks and automated bots, datacenter proxies are fast, cheap, and a better option for simple testing.

You can target the desired region with different addresses and even test neighboring countries to collect data on the appearance of ads. Location changes will help ensure their effectiveness. You can use the analyzed information for further improvement, and see what businesses have top positions for the same keyword and what other phrases have untapped potential. The best way to ensure the proper functionality of a Google ad is to test it for yourself.