We don’t talk about them often, but most of us have them – fetishes are more common than most people like to admit. Not everyone is that hesitant to explore their sexual selves, though; some people actually form groups centered around their preferred fetish or kink. You can find them at sex parties, underground venues, and especially online, where porn and sex cam sites offer something for everyone. From transgender cams to BBW porn, there’s a place for every fetish online.

Even if some people don’t realize it, they may have a fetish that they’ve never explored. It could be due to a conservative upbringing that didn’t give them much room for sexual expression, or due to a partner who’s already expressed hesitation to try new things in the bedroom. Whatever the case, a lot of people have yet to discover everything that turns them on. Others, however, have spent years developing their sexual selves through regular participation in their preferred fetish. Want to find out about the most popular fetish groups in the US? Just keep reading!

1. Sex with Other People

What this includes: cheating, cuckolding, non-monogamy, threesomes, group sex

Even though this is technically a fetish, it’s actually so common that most people don’t even consider it to be kinky. From cheating to having threesomes, these scenarios play out so often in real life that they aren’t really that surprising anymore. In fact, someone who fantasizes about one of these things might not even realize that it’s a fetish; it’s just what pops into their head.

2. Anal Play

What this includes: anal sex using body parts or sex toys

Here’s another fetish that’s common in fantasy, as well as in real life. Most people aren’t that grossed out by the concept of anal play, but they might not be into it personally. If you aren’t sure about how accepting your partner would be towards anal sex, just approach the subject gently by asking them if they’ve ever thought about trying it. You don’t have to ask them directly to participate; they’ll know what you’re after. And by the way, if they say yes, remember that lube is pretty much non-optional.

3. Restraint Play


What it includes: handcuffs, Japanese rope bondage, latex and leather, bondage gear

If you get people talking about kinks, it’s likely that they’ll eventually mention handcuffs. Any sexual scenario in which one partner is (consensually) restrained while the other is free to do what they want is considered restraint play. It could even be as simple as one person holding their partner down; in many cases, exploring this fetish will lead to new, more complicated techniques as time goes on. Some people simply need the restraints to be in place to get turned on, while others want to get rough for a more intense restraint play.

4. Voyeurism/Exhibitionism

What it includes: being seen by others or watching in a sexual way

Sex isn’t always private – and some people like it that way. This might seem like a complicated kink to understand, but it’s the same concept as making a sex tape, taking nudes, or watching porn. If you put it that way, nearly everyone has a bit of voyeur in them! While someone’s partner may understand the concept pretty clearly, it may take longer for them to feel comfortable engaging in voyeurism or exhibitionism themselves; after all, people can’t just decide to enjoy a certain kink. Even so, it’s often possible to compromise in a way that makes everyone happy.

5. Role-Playing

What it includes: power dynamics, rape-play, race-play, age-play, acting out scenarios

This fetish has been around so long in pop culture, it’s pretty much universally recognizable. While the concept of role play might not be considered odd, the specific type of role-play that someone’s into may be incompatible with their partner’s turn-ons. They might be disinterested or even shocked, but that isn’t always the end of the road. If that happens, it may be possible to re-work the scenario they have in their head so that it works for both of them. It might involve costumes, characters, or situations, and they’re often already completely planned out by the time someone approaches their partner with the idea. If that’s the case, it’s important to not only fulfill their own fantasies, but also to make sure that their partner is into it as well.

6. Impact/Sensation Play


What it includes: ice cubes, hot wax, shocking, pinching, tickling, hitting, spanking

Sex is all about pleasant sensations. Well, some of the time it is; at other times, it can be about the opposite. Some people like being stroked with feathers or tantalized with ice cubes, while others enjoy the sensation of pain through hot wax or whips. Some people get pretty advanced with erotic electro-shock, while others just stick with biting or spanking. It doesn’t always have to involve pain, although if you’re into BDSM as well, it probably will. The turn-on might come from the sound of being spanked, for instance, as much as from the sensation.

7. Foot Fetish

What it includes: sexualizing stockings, nylons or shoes, foot-jobs, feet worship

This fetish might be the subject of jokes all over the internet, but it’s a legitimate kink. Sexual body parts like the genitalia, breasts, or even butts are often the object of desire, but for some people, the sexiest body parts include feet. In fact, this is one of the most pervasive kinks in the fetish community. Even if someone’s partner hasn’t met anyone before who had a foot fetish, they’ve almost certainly heard about it.

Do you have a fetish too?

People develop, discover, and explore their fetishes at all different ages; the good news is, it’s never to late to pick up some specialized sex toys or bring the topic up with a partner. If you found yourself identifying with any of the fetish groups mentioned above, that might be a sign. Maybe your next step is to find one of these groups, plug yourself in, and see what happens!