All of society is currently living in the age of technology. Many have dubbed this era as the information revolution. Because of technology, everyone now has the power to access practically any kind of information with just a few taps of the finger. But of course, that’s not all that technology has been responsible for. It has enabled significant leaps in various industries including medicine, science, engineering… and of course, entertainment.

This article, in particular, is going to take a deeper look into the specific technology that drives one major industry in the world: online gambling. To be specific, we will be focusing on the most popular online casino game in the world, slot machines. We’re also going to briefly talk about the rise of online casinos and what the future of online gambling looks like.

History of Online Casinos


Even when the internet was in its infant stages back in the early 90s, the world understood its sheer potential as a driving force for the future. This led many industrious people to imagine the possibilities of what the internet could afford them and how they could maximize such a platform for profitability. Naturally, this led to many entrepreneurs who looked at existing traditional business models and figured out how it would translate into a digital world. This led to the proliferation of online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Those were the obvious choices. But in the mid-90s, people also looked at how the internet could serve as a digital hub for gambling.

In the past, people used to have to go all the way to casinos in order for them to place bets and play their favorite games. Naturally, this form of recreation embedded itself in the cultures of many societies all over the world. It was always a spectacle and a treat to be able to engage in gambling by visiting these brightly lit casinos that are always bustling with life and noise. However, not everyone had access to casinos all the time. And for those who wanted to gamble on a more frequent basis, this was a problem. The internet was the obvious solution to provide a gambling platform for people who wanted to place their bets without having to be near a casino.

These days, online gambling has evolved into a mammoth of an industry. Many people have already resorted to playing their favorite casino games on their mobile phones via websites like There’s just an added layer of convenience in being able to experience the fun of a casino without having to leave your living room. And it looks like the trend of online casinos will continue on its upward trajectory as more and more people are embracing technology by the minute.

What’s the Technology Behind Online Slots?


Slot machines continue to be the most popular casino game in the world today. And it’s not that hard to see why. It’s a very easy game to learn and the games are usually designed to be visually stimulating. But are slot machines really fair? Isn’t it easy for these casino platforms to rig their games so that they come out ahead all of the time? Well, we’re going to delve deeper into how the technology works and figure out whether it’s fair or not.

In order to understand the technology that drives online slots, you have to first understand what an RNG is. An RNG is a Random Number Generator and it’s the driving force behind most casino games. It’s a set of algorithms that are embedded into the programming of casino games and are designed to simulate the real-life probability of these games in the physical world. Licensed casino platforms often have RNGs that are under the oversight of third-party committees to ensure the fairness of their algorithms so that gamblers are always protected.

These RNGs will simulate gaming conditions that greatly mimic the turnouts of real-life casino games. In fact, many have said that RNG algorithms make for fairer odds than actual real-life gameplay. While there is still a chance that certain RNG-powered games can be hacked, it’s not something that happens all too often. And a lot of the time, these kinds of incidents are rectified instantly.

Another important thing to note about slot machines is that they don’t have stored memory. This means that it isn’t keeping track of results as it functions. Every single time you play with an online slot machine that runs on a reliable RNG algorithm, it’s starting completely from scratch. This is just to make sure that every time you play, it will truly provide as random results as possible. There’s also no way for machines to track players’ records when it comes to wins and losses. That means that there’s no way for casinos to intentionally throttle player wins just because they happen to be on a hot streak.

How Do You Play Slots?


There’s no other way around it. You need a heck of a lot of good luck to win at slots as there really is not much strategy to it. Again, since online slots are powered by RNG algorithms, there really is no way to game the system unless you are smart enough to find a way to really hack into a casino’s programming framework and alter the algorithm yourself. But very few people in the world have that kind of skill, time, and resilience. Ultimately, it’s next to impossible for these algorithms to be compromised in many ways because of the strict security measures that have been put in place.

To win at slots, you typically have to hit consecutive symbols from left to right. Each slot is going to have different payout mechanics. That’s why it’s important for you to take a closer look at the payout for specific simples so that you can develop some kind of strategy with your betting. Most slot games these days offer players the chance to play more than just one pay line. To win these games, you would have to have symbols be arranged in a single row in at least one pay line.

As you continue to play, you might find that you will lose more and more money. That’s not a mistake. This is because the probability and statistics of slots are designed to favor the house by as much as 2%. So, if you keep on playing, the law of averages dictate that you’re eventually going to lose. Sometimes, it’s best to know when your hot streak is about to come to an end so that you can walk away with your money still intact.

Take Note of Bonuses


Some slot games online will also offer bonuses and jackpots. These are perks that are programmed into the gameplay so as to make the user experience as fun and as exciting as possible. These bonuses can sometimes come in the form of free spins. Other times, casinos will also offer to bankroll you for extra spins. Also, be mindful of jackpot pay lines! These are a lot more difficult to hit because of their specificity. But if you manage to hit them, then you’ll end up winning very big. These bonuses are a casino’s way of elevating the excitement of gameplay.