Are you searching for a way to get free Google Play cards? We bet that this site is probably not the first you are visiting, looking for that goal. You can find various information on the Internet, and it is a bit confusing and sometimes false. We want to provide you with truthful information about it and 100% reliable methods in this text.

Still, you should know that all the ways to obtain free Google Play codes that we will show you below require completing small tasks online. In no case will you get them instantly through a miraculous Google Play card generator. That does not work!

We recommend caution; you need to be very careful with this type of automatic code generators. Its sole objective is to make money at your expense. Therefore, we invite you to keep reading to discover the only safe and free methods.

What are the Google Play codes for?


As we suppose you already know, Google Play (formerly known as Play Store) is the official store for all devices with the Android operating system, so it is always installed as standard on all your smartphones and tablets.

You can enjoy numerous apps completely free of charge on Google Play. However, some applications and services might be costly for you.

Promo codes or promotions allow you to offer unique products or free subscription trials to specific users. The users enter a promotional code in their app or in the Google Play Store app to receive the article or the subscription test free of charge.

What is Google Play Store Credit?

Before analyzing the methods, we will first inform you about Google Play Credits in detail. It consists of money added to your account in the Play Store with a credit/debit card or obtained by purchasing gift cards. Play Store credit never expires. You can download it from your Play Store account on the website or in the Android app. If you are an owner of gift cards, you can install the desired applications and games.

How does it work?


You will be allowed to check your status by clicking on the icon in the My Account section, located in the Play Store app’s upper left corner. It is indicated by three horizontal bars. As the left sidebar expands, you can find it in Payment Methods. It will also be possible for you to add credits and use them later, according to the steps we described below.

# Add points

You can add credits by following the steps below:

  • Go to the My Account section,
  • Then select the Add credit/debit card or Use option.
  • If you have chosen the above option to use the card, enter your card details.
  • If not, you should enter a gift code or promotional code.
  • When purchasing the app, make sure to use the payment option, or use the redeemed amount.

How to get a free redeem code for Google Play?

Your free Google Play code is expected to arrive in around 48 business hours. It will be sent to you by your email, and when you get hold of it, you should open your Google Play store app. After that, please search for the Redeem button on the menu and make sure to click on it. The last part is to enter your unique code from ZoomBucks. After that, click on Redeem, and that’s it, you’re done.

The best methods for earning free codes with Google Play

The following are the simplest ways you can get free codes. That would eliminate the need to pay out of pocket for the required apps and games.

1.Play point-earning games


Are you a fan of games? If so, take the opportunity to win while having fun. Bellow is one of the suggestions that will get you additional points.

  • Mistplay app – If you download this app, you will automatically get new game app suggestions from the mix list. You only need to select Download and play the game of your choice and earn points. You can use these points for gift codes from Google Play or for cash prizes. That is not limited to the Play Store but also applies to other platforms like Amazon, Xbox, iTunes, Nintendo, etc.

2.Google Opinion Rewards


Google Consumer Surveys has developed an official app called the Google Opinion Rewards, offering an excellent alternative opportunity to earn credit by participating in free surveys conducted by this app. The application is free to download and shows compatibility with all Android devices. Free surveys will be given to you once a week, which can help you earn up to $ 1.00 in credit. Once you complete the survey, the credit amount will be transferred to your Play Store account.

How to use Google Opinion Rewards

Below are the detailed steps on how this app works:

# App Installation – First install the app from the Play Store.

# Create a profile – Launch the application and create your profile.

1. Make sure to fill in all the necessary information about yourself. This information is collected primarily to get an idea of ​​your demographics.
2. Accept participating in occasional surveys.

3.Next, go to the dashboard that shows your credit and history on Google Play. Also, you will be able to see surveys sent to your account on the board.

  • Survey – Once you are notified of the paid survey, you can answer the questions in the most appropriate way possible, and then the Rewards earned in the Play Store will be transferred to your account.

3.Download new applications

Surprisingly, some websites offer some free apps that can be downloaded during the trial period, and in return, they will reward you with points. At some level, a certain number of points that have been collected by you could be replaced by free codes for Google Play. Also, we should add that the trial period lasts only a few hours. Be aware of the time limit.

  • AppNana – This is a great app that can be installed from the Play Store and with which you can earn points that you can use on the Google Play Store, Amazon, Paypal, Xbox, iTunes, etc. Make sure that you follow the following steps since they describe how the application works:

1. You can continue to download free apps offered by Nana after installing the app on your Android device.
2. What also adds a lot of joy is that you get 400 points a day just for visiting the app regularly.
3. After the free apps are installed on your device, open the app, and play for a while. That will help you earn points that you can then use to earn free credits in the form of gift cards.

4.Online and in-store shopping

If you are addicted to shopping, don’t miss this opportunity to win gift codes with Google Play. What could be more fantastic than earning credit when shopping in a store or online?

  • InstaGC – This website allows you to earn points for online purchases that can be redeemed. Besides, this website also allows you to survey, watch videos, and surf the web to earn points.

5.Participate in surveys

If you want to answer people’s queries, you can do a few quick surveys conducted by specific websites to help you earn points that you can use in the form of a Google Play Store gift card. Anyways, there is a limitation of this method. Unfortunately, it is currently only available to U.S. citizens.

  • Swagbucks – You can do a lot in addition to surveys on this website. You can play games, watch videos, but also shop online if you feel like it. All of these activities can make you get free credits for the Google Play Store. If you earn 300 points, then you get $ 3.00. Currently, you can only purchase a $ 25 gift card for the Google Play Store. There are other offers for buying Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, other online gift card sellers, etc.

Final Word

It’s always good news for us to find out that we can do things to save money or do something for free. That is especially true if the tasks you need to complete to get the items free of charge are simple and straightforward.

Regardless of whether you have several hours to spare or just a few minutes, there are ways to earn Google Play techniques that fit your schedule. If you are trying to accumulate 100 points or ten bonus points, you can get what you need with one of these popular apps or websites.

If you want to keep yourself animated and play music, watch videos, or play mobile games, you have a vast selection at your disposal. You only need to invest a little of your time, and it’s worthy of it, believe us. Get free Google Play credit, and don’t worry about spending extra money on the Google Play games, apps, or music you would like to listen to on your device.