You must have had the opportunity to see that crypto poker has delighted the world because of the many advantages it has in contrast to standard online poker and traditional one. There are many different types of crypto poker and there is oslo bitcoin poker and it is up to you to choose the best site where you will try your luck and earn money.

Crypto poker attracts a large number of players, both professionals, beginners, and those who want to try their luck in this game. What is massive is the prize pool which is large so the number of players is impressive. And at any time you can choose between several different rooms in which you can enter and play poker.

The first step is to choose a site that suits you


Various sites are based on blockchain technology, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. What is innovative about the blockchain technology on which the cryptocurrency is based is that it offers data security, complete transparency, the possibility of random selection, payouts in a short time in any currency, and solving the problems of those players who are potentially playing unfairly.

Take for example the CoinPoker website, which is based on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, guaranteeing the safety and complete anonymity of each player. This site offers various benefits and innovations from various prizes, free spins, and guaranteed security, you get a welcome bonus as well as recommendations for certain card games.

Briefly about CoinPoker

Users of this website use special CPH tokens to deposit money, withdraw and bet, it is also possible to convert traditional money of any currency into cryptocurrency. Poker rooms are organized a little differently and are much simpler than those online web rooms you are used to. Here in the posts, you have several popular top games such as the four-color deck, hand replayer as well as configurable tables.

Registration procedure


What sets CoinPoker apart from others is that it does not ask players for any bank or card details during the website registration. When you register, you will be notified via your phone number. After confirming everything, you need to deposit funds into the account to play. After that, numerous rooms and players await you with whom you will be able to measure your strength, also all users have a specific name on this site, thereby protecting your privacy.

Types of poker games

There are various types of poker that you can play on this site, among the most famous are Texas Holdem, Limit Omaha holdem, as well as another variation of texas holdem poker with a short deck.

How to win from home


We do not have a complete winning recipe that will be successful for everyone, but we can draw your attention to some basic things that you must pay attention to.

Learn well the rules of the game and mathematics

First of all, you have to know the rules, the strongest and weakest combinations when it comes to cards. If you are good with math and know fast numbers, then you must try this version of poker. With a welcome prize or bonus, you can start your first games.

You Learn to Play Through Frequent Practice

You must be aware that if you want to earn some serious money, you have to play poker often, whichever version suits you better. In this way, you create a certain experience and start to get more involved in the game itself. Many professional players can be found at your table without you even knowing they are there because they are anonymous.



One of the most important skills that a person can achieve is certain discipline. If you plan to play poker or bet, you need to have a certain type of discipline and self-control. To know when it’s time to give up and finish the game for the day, that’s how you train yourself and your character.


The game of poker and sports betting are equally exciting and strategically prepared games, and in such a way that the opponent is not aware of it. Reactions or lack thereof at the table, not making logical moves, using bluffing, or simply reading the opponent.

You must always have an approximate amount of money that you can return sometime later, so that it is never a question of a large sum of money. It’s a  game of poker as a type of sport where, based on indications, you can turn the game around at any moment.



Don’t panic, you don’t need to have complete knowledge, you just need to develop a personal feel for the game and read the cards or predict earlier. The only way this can happen is through practice, so it’s time to enroll and try your luck.