E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is the buying or selling of goods and services along with the transfer of payments through an electronic network. It has become more popular and attractive to people. People on the digital platform can surf through the different products, price deals that the vendors have to offer without even having to leave the room.

E-commerce has given a new definition to the word ‘shopping’. Market sales via E-commerce are more than $200 billion. The online market for grocery, clothing, furniture, makeup, electronics, and many more are highly convenient. It has been evolving since it was only available on internet prone desktops and now it is accessible on any smartphones.

The digital platform has become an important source of commerce as it allows people to fit shopping into their busy schedules. They can buy online products from any part of the world. Online stores and websites offer better and affordable deals than walk-in stores. They require websites and applications to promote their business and make it accessible worldwide., a Norwegian company based in Oslo, are web designers, media, and digital marketing agency. They use creative graphics for web designing of your online stores with maximum safety measures.

A professional web designer is recommended to design a website for your online store. It is because they can give creative content and visual appeal to your site. They know about how customers behave on websites and how the search engines display your site. A website is your virtual store and a good website is your one-time investment.

Why emphasize on mobile E-commerce sites?


There has been significantly more percentage of sales increase via mobile devices. A recent study shows that out of 3.17 billion internet users, 2 billion use the internet on phones. E-commerce has two options: websites and apps. The website gives information about the product and you have to log in with details for purchase but apps are ready to use with registered details.

You cannot spend all day on your desktop or laptop because they cannot be taken everywhere. Meanwhile, mobile phones can be carried anywhere because it is small in size and portable. Customers find mobile phones more convenient because they can be operated anywhere.

By using a mobile E-commerce site, the customers save a lot in terms of time, parking fares, transportation costs, energy, etc. With E-commerce sites, the store rests at the fingertip of every customer.

Guide to web designing for your E-commerce


Make sure to have a market for all.

You need to make a site or an online store that is accessible to all device users. Especially consider mobile users because they are large in number and can give you a huge client base. Do not shut anyone down because that can bring loss to your business.

Understand the growing number of mobile users.

You should know that due to the emergence of 3G, 4G internet services, a large number of internet users are being done on mobile phones. So mobile users are your large client base that should benefit from your service applications. Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in mobile optimizing E-commerce platforms.

Give your customers a great shopping experience.

As a seller, you must prioritize the customer’s ease and comfort. If customers prefer mobile for a better shopping experience you need to respect their choice and provide them with more accessibility. Give in the best effort to make your customer happy so that they are satisfied and choose your business.

Keep in mind that the customers have many options.

E-commerce is a very competitive industry, probably more than offline markets. There is a huge number of sellers engaged in online markets selling similar goods and services. This gives the consumer large options. So they will not wait for you to give them a good deal at the rate that they want. They will choose some other vendor with better service.

Difference between desktop and mobile sites


Desktop sites have more content and detailed advertisement of the product with recommendations and all. But the mobile site has to the point specific information about the product that you are interested in regarding their features and functions. The navigation in mobile phones has become easier with less hypertext and organized links.

The advertisements are not common in mobile apps or sites. With the support of location features, the unique opportunities are provided by mobile sites that the audience might be interested in.

How to build a mobile-friendly website?


Your website needs to attract mobile users else they will go visit some other site. Having to wait forever for the website to load, bad and uneven formatting is a disappointment for the customers. Therefore make sure you avoid them. Three import features to make your website easily accessible in mobile are:

Responsive design

The site should be device friendly. No matter what device you use, it should be displaying the content without any disturbance and should adapt to all devices equally. It is also easy with this design to maintain your site as it uses the same database, file system irrespective of the devices.

Dynamic serving

The dynamic serving allows presenting different HTML for the same URL depending on the device being used. It detects the device and serves the device friendly content to the user.

Mobile subdomain

This design is much simpler and cheaper than a responsive design. The mobile subdomain allows you to make your website mobile user friendly without having to change your original website. It creates duplicate content of your website which does not affect your initial website. However, they are more complex to maintain than responsive design.



The mobile phone has become a necessity and is easy and portable. There is hardly anything that mobile cannot do compared to other devices. That is why mobile users are increasing in number. People prefer to use mobile while surfing through E-commerce as well. Therefore, it is beneficial for online vendors to make their business accessible among mobile users as well.