VPN? Even hearing the word might seem like something that experts need. Right? If you are ignorant of the Virtual Private Network aka VPN, you might believe that you do not need that. However, this is not the truth. You can equally benefit from the technology because it is made for humans. Furthermore, the purpose of VPN is to serve average humans.

Many youngsters already know about it but not all are sure about its importance and benefits. However, many elderly people are unaware of this because there was not much media during their time. And they have everything they want to watch now. So they do not really need such things. However, it is true until they explore its potential.

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But wait,

Now the question arises if it is really that important to get a VPN.

The benefits


1 – Security to your IP address

This software is meant to keep things private and safe for you. Therefore, VPNs are designed to hide your identity and your IP address. Although this seems like something that you would need while using it, it benefits you later on too.

For example, while you are using public Wi-Fi, your privacy is at risk. There is no security on public Wi-Fi and therefore, if anyone wishes to hack into your system, they can. Less security means that someone can hack into your system and track your activities. So whether you are using social media or working, all of your activity is at risk.

Furthermore, if you are opening your banking app and account passwords, they will be at risk too. People who have ill intentions towards you might get to know this information.

However, hacking occurs through IP addresses. If someone is unable to find your IP address, he cannot easily hack into your system. And the best thing is VPN software masks your IP address. So if you are using it on your mobile and laptop, you are quite safe. Public Wi-Fi won’t seem like horror and you can always use them comfortably.

2 – Keep your data private from service providers

If you are using a local internet service provider, your data will be at risk. Even if you are not using the public internet, you are still at risk of exposure. Every app and device in your home that uses the internet or is connected to it will be at risk.


If anyone wants to know about your routine and your browsing history, they can do so very easily. Therefore, having a VPN will be a good thing too. It will keep your safe information safe.

3 – Security even in other apps

Even if you are using some other apps and services, use the data of their users. Facebook has earned a bad name in the market for this. People blame Facebook for using the data of their users. Similarly, in 2024, Whatsapp also stated that they need our permission to use our data. And this was more like a threat because if you do not give permission, you won’t be able to use Whatsapp. Although it did not end with that, there are always things that we don’t know.

Therefore, it is better to go with a safe option. So if you have a VPN, it will protect your data from such applications.

4 – Access to everything

A lot of regions have limited content availability. Even if they are using Apple, they won’t be able to access everything that privileged areas can. Therefore, VPN allows complete access to all of this content to its users.

Irrespective of the VPN service that you use, they all are responsible for allowing wide access to its users. The best thing about it is that there are no complex procedures. You can easily use it without any trouble.

The cons


1 – Connection speed

Although most VPN service providers claim to offer quite a fast speed, this is not always true. The connection speed varies from region to region too. But this is not the only reason for a lost speed. Therefore, you should check the speed before buying a long-term subscription.

2 – Extra parental control

A lot of youngsters use VPNs because of limited access to a lot of content. And because VPN is removing these restrictions sit means that all content is available for the user. Although this sounds like a good thing, if children and youngsters are using it, they will need parental control.

3 – Illegal in some regions

A drawback of using VPN is that many governments have made it illegal. So before you buy a package, make sure to learn about the legal aspects of your country. Because if you get caught, you will be facing charges and a fine.

4 – Unstable internet connection

Despite getting the fastest internet service, you might face an unstable internet. This is because VPNs reroute the traffic through different servers. Eventually, the connection drops, and the user faces a pause.

Final words


There are negative aspects to even the good things and VPN is not completely something positive. Therefore, if you have children at home, you need to be extra careful. The unrestricted access to every content is not even good for elders. They might end up getting addicted to something negative. Therefore, control is meant to protect us and we better behave ourselves.