Sports betting is an industry that generates billions of dollars every year. That is the best indicator of how many people bet on different sporting events every day. Many sports fans can no longer imagine watching a game if they didn’t also bet on that same game.

The proliferation of the internet and the emergence of many online casinos have further increased the number of people betting, and this has led to an increase in the number of games available.

According to this site,  now for every match, you have dozens and even hundreds of different games to which you can invest money, while it used to be common to only guess the winner of the match and possibly the number of points scored or goals scored.

Today, even many casinos offer options for you to say what you want to play, and they will then give you odds for something like that. This has led to endless possibilities and all sports are highly represented. Yet, of course, not everyone is the same. If you are interested in which are the most popular sports by betting volume, you will get the answer below.

1. Soccer


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, so it is no wonder that it is at the top of our list. Soccer is by far the first and in the UK alone people spend more than a billion dollars a year to bet on this sport. The USA and Australia are the only two big countries in the world where it is not in the first place, but it is also popular there. It is played all over the world and there are many leagues, from the lowest, amateur to world-famous first leagues and various continental and world competitions.

European competitions are the most popular in the whole world. Leagues such as English, Italian and Spanish, as well as the Champions League, are in the lead. Predicting the winner is the most popular game for betting, but popular games are predictions of goals scored in total in the game and individually by teams also. What can bring in the most money is when you guess correctly which team will lead at halftime and which will win in the end. There are a lot of trusted online places, like sbo360, where you can put a wager on soccer and find a great selection of games.

2. Football


That primarily applies to the NFL, but the NCAA is not far behind either. Football is only popular in the USA, but since it is the largest market in the world, it ranks second on our list. It is also becoming increasingly popular in the rest of the world. Wager on this sport is something all Americans do, who are known to love betting. Billions of dollars are invested in the NFL wager each year. With the prediction of winners, bets related to individual players are becoming increasingly popular. For example, who will score a touchdown, how many yards they will have by running or catching and the like. The culmination of the whole season is the SuperBowl, for which more bets are placed than some other sports for the whole year, but more about the SuperBowl a little later in the text.

3. Tennis


You may not have expected tennis this high on the list, but many factors influence it to be the most popular behind soccer and football. It’s very simple for wager and you don’t have to be an expert. Then the season lasts the longest compared to any other professional sport, and almost every week a very important tournament is played, as there are 4 Grand Slam and many more Masters tournaments. Also, the game runs very fast, so it is best suited for placing a live wager. And it is popular all over the world. Although it is simpler compared to let’s say NFL, it would be good to be know how which player plays on a particular surface. Unlike other sports that are played on only one surface, here they are played on three different, which greatly affects the performance of the players. Once you know that, you are ready.

4. Horse Racing


A sport that is so closely connected to betting, that we couldn’t imagine it without it. When we think about it, it would probably be boring to watch horse races if we don’t cheer for a certain horse and jockey, because we expect them to win us money. There are a lot of major events that attract special attention. Although it seems like it is completely random, true fans of horse racing know all the factors that can affect the outcome. It’s usually the current form of the jockey, then the weather conditions and more.

5. Basketball


A sport that is popular all over the world, and in many countries it is also considered a national sport. It is expected that soccer and football will catch up in the coming decades due to their global popularity, primarily the NBA. Then the Euroleague is an extremely high-quality competition, like many European leagues, which attracts a lot of wagers. It is also very popular in Asia, especially in the Philippines, where it is watched by millions of people. American college basketball is very interesting, especially the final tournament of March Madness where a huge number of wagers are recorded.

Most popular events


Now that you know what the main sports are, we will tell you the main events, which often far exceed the popularity of the sport itself.

– Super Bowl – The already mentioned SuperBowl is watched by over 100 million people every year. And when it comes to betting, people spend over $ 5 billion on that match to bet.

Kentucky Derby – The most famous horse racing event in the world. Several hundred million dollars is the casino’s income from that event due to the number of bets, and there is a noticeable increase in bets from all over the world and not only from the USA.

– Fifa World Cup Final – The most-watched sporting event in the world along with the SuperBowl and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. You can imagine how much money goes into betting, from all over the world, when this match is played, once in 4 years.



Not to be forgotten is the World Series in baseball, and heavyweights in boxing also attract a large audience. As rugby is a major sport in many countries, the Rugby World Cup is also followed by people who love wager.