The online gambling industry has exploded in recent years. Traditional bookies have moved their business online overflowing it with new kinds of scams and shady practices. Still, some legit betting sites care about their reputation and taking players’ security seriously. Choosing a sports betting site is the key to having a quality experience without worrying about payouts and security issues, not to mention that it can also affect your chances of winning. There are many proper online bookmakers, but no one can tell you which one fits your needs best. To help you choose we put up a list of several issues to consider.

1. Do the research


Before waging one cent, to thoroughly research about the website you’re betting on. Every country has its own gambling laws so make sure that you read the fine print on whether or not the website has the licenses needed to operate the business. This will protect your winnings and your personal data. The whole process is going to be tedious and time-consuming but well worth it down the road. Check out if they have a contact number in case you need to resolve some issues, or at least an email; is their customer service on the up and up, preferably some live chat would be a good way to communicate any problems.

Further, read online reviews. Surely, some reviews are not going to be legit, either praising the betting website or going the other way and totally trying to ruin their business, however, read them all and make your own decision. The most realistic reviews can be recognized easily since they are usually full of details, like dates when they communicated the problem, the concrete issue, ways of deposits and payouts, etc. Read them all, from every available source. Joining online betting communities, like different forums and live chats, can help you get a better picture in less time. Whatever you need to do to get more information on the legitimacy of the website policies and practices, do it.

2. Promotions and bonuses


Promotions, sign-up bonuses, added deposits, and prizes are how bookmakers are trying to distinguish themselves from other gambling websites. This is a perfect opportunity for players to take advantage of promotions, especially for first-timers. Bookies will go out of their way to make you come to their website to place a bet, but be careful. The devil’s in the details, so ensure that you take the time to read term and conditions pages. It’s horribly boring and written in legal terms that ordinary folks can barely understand, but at least read through the part that concerns sign-up bonuses and promotions. Sometimes the things are not so rosy as they seem. Not to tarnish the gambling websites; many are legit and offer honest bonuses. Still, better safe than sorry.

3. Navigating the website


The user-friendly interface of the betting site is something that players seek the most. Spending hours on trying to find relevant information due to the complex layouts is just not acceptable to most users. They will quickly move on to the next one that is easier to navigate. For example, if you can’t find the customer service phone number, or the latest scores and betting odds, you should take your business somewhere else. The betting, for most people, is a joyful experience so research carefully on how the website is conducting their business. One of the easy-navigating betting websites is, where you can find the latest news and scores without a hassle.

4. Odds and payments


Obviously, the most important part of choosing the sports betting site is the competitive odds. This is how bookmakers attract their customers. Players are always on the search for the best odds, so check out the website and compare it to their competitors. Be cautious though – some bookies are offering fantastic odds that are almost impossible to cash in. If you don’t have the account with the bookmaker place a small bet and see how it plays out. Sometimes these unrealistically high odds are just baits, and there is no genuine intention by the bookmaker to ever pay them out.

Another issue that might arise is payments. First, check out if the website is using the encrypted domain. Are they verified by major credit card companies? This is where everything comes into play, the legality of the website, customer service, contact information, and so much more. Most sports betting websites are legit, offering multiple choices like credit and debit cards, checks, cryptocurrencies, and PayPal. Again, this is where reviews can be helpful. Have there been any problems before? Are too many people on different platforms complaining about the website stalling their payouts, bonuses, and prizes? Check it out, and try to make an informed decision.

Online customer service that’s available 24/7 can be a huge plus when choosing a betting website. If there is someone available at all times to help you out, answers all your questions, and speed up the payments, that in itself is priceless. Since you can’t go physically to your bookie, having this feature might be a lifesaver.

5. The variety of sports


Sports offered on the website largely depend on the location of the bookmaker. For instance, Canadian bookies will have better odds in ice hockey, since the sport is hugely popular among Canadians. On the other hand, In India cricket is the most popular sport and the odds are better than on some betting sites in Africa. So, it’s up to bookmakers to choose popular sports in their area and put the best odds.

However, some savvy gamblers have come up with a great plan increasing their winnings, if they happen. For example, betting on ice hockey in South Africa will have fantastic odds, since there are only a handful of people doing this, instead of going on the Northern European website where, if you win, the odds are going to be significantly smaller. In any case, winning or not, you shouldn’t be giving away your hard-earned money to any website before researching in-depth their policies, terms, and conditions.