We live in uncertain times. Gone are the days when no one locked their homes because they knew they were in no danger. Today, burglaries often occur all over the world, only some cities and countries are safer and some less so. But nowhere are people completely spared of these problems. Yet despite all this, statistics show that less than a third of homes have a burglar alarm.

The reason for this is probably that people do not want to invest money in security systems. This is a big mistake, because if a burglary happens to you, you will lose both money and valuables, and you will also suffer stress from which you will not easily recover. Many move out of the house after a burglary because they no longer feel safe living there. Make sure you are among those small percentage of people whose home is significantly better protected. And you can below read which are the reasons why you need to have a burglar alarm in your house.

Which type to choose?


Before we tell you all the reasons why you need an alarm, let us first introduce you to which types all exist. The most common models that people install are a classic ring alarm like on cars. But there are also much more sophisticated ones who will not let the thief know that he activated the alarm by breaking into the house. There are silent alarms that are connected to your smartphone or someone else’s, however you set the options. They can also be linked directly to the police.

Wireless or hard-wired


You should also choose between wireless models and hard-wired. Wireless are good because you can move them however you want, but the downside is that there is a possibility that their batteries will run out and then they will not work until they are recharged. Hard-wired, as their name suggests, are connected to a power supply, which has its own battery, so it will continue to work even in the event of a power blackout. The disadvantage is that they are much more complicated to install, so it is necessary to invite professionals to do it for you. Learn more about burglar alarm installation at

Reasons you need it

1. Burglar protection


Of course, the most obvious reason is burglary protection. As we have already said, burglars will steal our valuables, and they will also cause a feeling of unrest that we are constantly insecure. We will not easily get rid of that feeling and it can even make us move away. Burglaries can often turn into a violent event, although the thieves may not have planned it. If they feel threatened, they can attack you and injure you very seriously. Various surveys have shown that when they see the presence of an alarm, over 50 percent of thieves give up that house and target someone else. So in addition to being informed if a burglary occurs, it will also have a strong psychological effect, which can save you.

2. Cheaper insurance

The importance of the alarm and the level of protection it provides, you can best notice by fact that you will pay for cheaper insurance in that way. Insurance companies, when they see the presence of protection systems in the house, will give you a cheaper offer than without it. The reason for this is very obvious. Your home is safer and they are much less likely to have to pay you compensation. You realize how much safer you will feel when you know that insurance also considers your home safe.

3. Fire and gas failures


These alarms provide multiple protection. Many models also have fire and gas leak sensors. While natural gas leaks can be smelled because an unpleasant odor has been added to protect you, carbon monoxide is odorless and can lead to suffocation. And if a problem already occurs, it is important to inhale as little carbon monoxide as possible, so that recovery can be as good and fast as possible. Just as you can connect with the police and alert them immediately, you can do the same with firefighters and save property and lives.

4. Child safety

Due to the obligations imposed on us by the modern way of life, we often have to leave our children at home alone. While this is good because of their independence and because they will learn to do many things on their own, it certainly worries you often. Thieves will not be deterred by the presence of a child, as if they spot adult at home. That is why it is necessary to have a burglar alarm. Also, safety will be even greater due to the fire and gas sensor, if the child accidentally forgets to turn off the stove. And if your child is afraid to stay alone in the house, the presence of security systems will give him peace of mind. And if you install a CCTV system also, the child will be as safe as if you are at home.

5. Have complete control of your home from a distance


Burglar alarm should be part of a larger system installed in your home, and brings you not only security but also control over the appliances in the house. It often happens that we forget to turn off the heating or air conditioning and thus consume a large amount of electricity. Or we want to enter an already chilled or warmed home when we return from work. Maybe we forgot to turn off some light. You can control all this from your smartphone remotely. This is especially important if, for example, you are not coming home for a few days because you are traveling somewhere.



Although nothing provides 100% protection, which you can see by the fact that some of the world’s most famous museums that have amazing protection systems have been looted, this does not mean that alarms are not absolutely necessary. Thieves who rob houses are nowhere near as skillful as museum robbers and alarms and CCTVs are more than enough protection for you.