Marital relationships offer amazing advantages for stress management as well as life satisfaction, There are some challenges too. Family issues can put a strain on a couple, though dealing with them either improve their relationship or pushes them apart which depends on how they deal with these concerns.

There are many reasons for the end of a marital relationship between couples such as money problems, issues with children, lack of communication, habits of partner, and domestic violence, etc.

Mainly there are three ways for husband and wife to end marital relationships, especially in Ohio. These are divorce, legal separation, and dissolution of marriage. You have to live in Ohio for at least 6 months to get a divorce or dissolution, before filing it.

If you are facing a life-challenging situation such as the end of a marital relationship, whether it is divorce or separation, you should consult a reliable family lawyer. Thus you can get their solid advice to solve life-threatening marital relationship matters in the right way.

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Choose The Right Solutions For You


Your divorce case proceedings can affect not only you but also your family. There are some ways to solve your relationship issues. Mediation, uncontested divorce (marriage dissolution), contested divorce and legal separation are the options to end your marital relationship as well as solve its concerning matters. Each of them has its value and importance.

These options can provide you with better resolutions to your family relationship case. You can choose one of these options and decide consciously about which option meets your expectations according to your requirements and requirements. It is vital to make your life peaceful as well as stress-free.

1. Legal Divorce and Its Process


Divorce is civil legal processing to terminate a marriage. Traditional legal divorce is known as contested divorce that is much more expensive than marriage dissolution. It takes longer than dissolution and partners do not need to agree on everything. Both parties ask the court to make the final settlement concerning spousal assistance, property division, and children concerting issues.

Divorce Process

One spouse, known as the plaintiff, files a complaint with the court’s clerk to start a divorce. The plaintiff has to claim and ultimately prove the proper statutory grounds for the divorce, in the complaint.

Then the clerk of the court, “serve”, upon the other spouse known as the “defendant”, a complaint copy, and a summons. The service is typically made by accredited mail or via a personal delivery system. In case the defendant’s residential address is unknown, then a legal notice may be published in any newspaper.

This publication system of service is effective for getting a divorce decree though normally is not so effective for getting orders regarding spousal as well as children’s support-related issues. The defendant has about twenty-eight days after service of the complaint plus summons to file a response to the complaint made.

The defendant can file a counterclaim by requesting a divorce. Then plaintiff files respond well to the counterclaim. It is important to clarify that most divorce-related issues and cases are sooner or later settled by agreement. A divorce decree is made and signed by the husband and wife, and then it is submitted to the court for final approval. After a short hearing of the case, the judge approves the divorce agreement. After all, it becomes a court order on the spot.

2. Legal Separation


A legal separation does not end a marriage legally but allows the court to issue orders about the property division, spousal support, granting parental rights, and other duties and responsibilities such as child support as well as parenting time.

Separation Process

In a legal separation, both parties remain married to each other but live separately. When the court grants the legal separation to both of them, then both parties have to comply with the court’s decisions and orders. Though, the legal system is almost the same as for a traditional divorce.

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3. Dissolution of Marriage


A discussion is known as “Uncontested Divorce”. It is less expensive in comparison with divorce.

Dissolutions Process

In dissolution of marriage, both husband and wife mutually agree to cease their marriage. The husband and wife sign the separation agreement concerning all the property, spousal support, and any children-related matters.

After this phase, both parties file the dissolution petition together. Then both parties have to wait nearly one month before the court hears their case. This case’s hearing should be possible within 90 days of the petition filing.

While hearing, the court will review the separation agreement, ask questions regarding assets as well as any parenting problems and issues. Then the court will decide whether both parties understand it and fully agree with the court’s solution or not.

If the court realizes that both parties agree on the settlement, then the court will grant a dissolution to them and make the separation agreement a court order as well.

4. Meditation – Dispute Resolution


The resolution of a dispute also known as mediation is a simple way to resolve the several aspects of a divorce. In this type of marital disputes resolutions, both parties sign an agreement having all the important points of separation.

It is the most simple, cheaper, and stress-free method to solve marital disputes. A meditator, who can be a reputable family lawyer, sits with both parties (husband and wife) to discuss the matter and make an agreement to solve the separation issue.


Finally, meditation, contested divorce, dissolution of marriage, and legal separation are very sensitive family law cases. You can choose one of them which suits you. If you are unable to decide about which type of separation is right for you and your family you can consult with a reputable family lawyer in Ohio.

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