If your children are struggling to be inspired by the more traditional ways of learning, such as classroom learning and independent study, you might be looking for unique ways that you can teach them about the world and their place within it. Then, if this is the case, here are some of the most unusual yet effective ways that your children can learn something new.

Take Them on Vacation


Although you might think that vacations are just for school breaks and are a chance for you and your family to let off steam, they can also offer interesting and exciting learning opportunities for your children.

Not only will your child be able to immerse themselves within a different culture, try new foods, and experience a town or city outside of their usual surroundings, but you will also be able to take them to local museums and show them famous landmarks and sights that can pique their interest. For instance, if you are heading to Dubai, you might consider visiting burj khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world.

Take Them for a Walk


Although maths and English are important, so is science, and your kids can learn a lot about biology and the natural world by simply taking a walk outside and noticing the world around them.

You might consider turning this walk into an even better learning opportunity by printing off a nature walk quiz or guide at home, or by investing in a bug-collecting kit that can allow your kids to get close to insects without harming them. Another idea to make your nature walk more educational is to encourage your children to make art from the leaves and other natural objects that they find, or to get rubbings from the trees.

Cook with Them


Cooking can also be a great way of teaching your kids important skills and knowledge practically. For instance, you might decide to grow your plants in the garden and tell your kids about the plants that they are growing.

You might then find a child-friendly recipe that includes these ingredients and help them to measure out the ingredients that you need, as well as to work out when they are cooked and how long they need to be cooked for. By finding a learning opportunity in everyday activities, you can ensure that your children learn, without it seeming like a chore.

Play Games with Them


There are also many games that you can invest in that are highly educational and yet your children will love them. For instance, children’s trivia and quiz games are extremely popular and can teach them without them even realising that they are learning something.

There are also many PC and video games that are educational and that have been designed to improve your child’s knowledge of every subject from maths to geography in a fun and engaging way. This will then ensure that they get excited about learning and growing up with a passion for it.