In years gone by, you had to travel or be physically present to discover new places or enjoy experiences. Today, thanks to virtual reality, you can explore places you never thought possible. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the advantages of virtual reality and the opportunities it offers.

The many uses of virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is incredibly versatile and it offers an array of functions and applications within modern-day society. Today, VR is used across industries, and it offers benefits for consumers, businesses, professionals and organizations. It’s possible to use VR for almost any reason imaginable. Here are some of the possibilities you can enjoy:

Travel and tourism


Our travel plans may have been put on ice over the last year or so, but virtual reality enables us to explore and globetrot without even leaving the comfort of our homes. With VR, you can do everything from taking tours of resorts and hotels that take your fancy to seeing what kinds of excursions and activities are available before you buy. There’s also scope to enjoy the thrill of jetting off overseas, relaxing on a tropical beach or looking out over rolling ocean waves without actually traveling.

Coaching, learning and training


One of the most significant advantages of virtual reality is its ability to aid study, learning and development. Virtual reality is used across multiple sectors to enhance coaching and provide learning and training sessions that replicate real-life scenarios in a safe, controlled environment. From the military and medical and dental schools to sports coaching and schools and colleges, VR can provide a unique experience for students and qualified professionals.



Entertainment plays a crucial role in helping us to balance work and life and inject fun, pleasure and relaxation into our busy lives. VR is used commonly within the entertainment industry, and it can provide endless hours of fun for children and adults alike. Using a VR headset, you can play games, take on opponents and explore far-flung kingdoms and you can also catapult yourself to attractions and landmarks.

For adults, there’s also an opportunity to discover new forms of adult entertainment through options like Badoink VR, which affords a more immersive experience. In recent months, VR entertainment has come to the fore, with many people spending more time at home and popular venues closed.

With virtual reality, you can now go to a gallery, watch a show or even enjoy the thrills and spills of a theme park without leaving the couch.

Fashion, retail and design


Have you ever perused the rails of a boutique, looked longingly in the windows of a luxury jewelry store or meandered through a furniture shop wondering what a certain dress, bracelet or sofa would look like if it were on you or in your home?

More and more brands are working on offering customers the chance to use innovative VR technology to try pieces for size before they buy. In the future, this could enable you to do everything from seeing how an engagement ring will look on your finger to checking that the couch you love will work in your living room.

Real estate


Are you looking for a home but struggling to find the time to make viewings? Are you thinking about relocating abroad or putting down roots in a different city or state? If so, VR could be your new best friend. With virtual tours, you can inspect properties without having to make several trips to the same neighborhood or worry about booking flights every time you see a listing that looks perfect.

Health and wellbeing


Health is firmly in the spotlight at the moment, as many of us look for simple ways to boost physical and mental wellbeing. With stress and anxiety levels rising during the pandemic, one of the most valuable applications for VR users is meditation and opportunities to relax, unwind and rest.

With VR, you can do everything from taking a walk in a quiet wood or strolling along the beach to taking part in a guided meditation or listening to soothing music while you watch images that make you feel calm. Virtual reality can also help you enjoy new interests and hobbies, which can benefit mental health and reduce stress.


Virtual reality plays an increasingly integral role in society and it is used for several purposes across an array of industries. With VR, the world is your oyster. It’s possible to explore places you never imagined existed, discover new hobbies and interests, have fun, protect and nourish your health and enjoy the benefits of enhanced social, training and learning and shopping experiences.