New York is a beautiful city that can deliver an amazing experience for those living in it. But, when you get there and when you see just how chaotic it can be, it can be quite difficult to visualize how you are going to get all of your things to this hectic city. But, that is the beauty in New York and you will need to invest yourself a little bit more to ensure that your cross-country moving process is going to go smoothly.

In other words, I am trying to say that maybe you should do a little bit of research before you start packing to move cross-country. There are probably some types of checklists or guides you can check out to ensure that this entire process will be easier on you and your wallet.

Well, yes, there are hundreds of guides out there that can help you move from one country to another. Look no further because this article is exactly what you are looking for. This guide will tell you all you need to know and do before moving across the country to New York.

Minimize the number of items or furniture you will have to move


One of the first things you will figure out about taking such a “trip”, is just how expensive it will be. Yes, it is expensive, but only if you decide to carry all of your items and furniture with you. The bigger your load, the larger the bill from the company. Just imagine how expensive it is for the company to load all of those things into a truck and then drive it across the entire country just to bring it in, New York. That alone could easily cost thousands of dollars for them which translates to several thousands of dollars for you.

If you do not feel comfortable spending so much money on this project, I suggest that you start figuring out what you really need and what you can throw away. In fact, it might even be better to just sell or donate most of your furniture and then just buy a new set of a couch, chairs, tables, etc.

Believe it or not, but there are probably hundreds of items in your home right now that have no use. It is normal for people to find it difficult to give up on a certain object. But, this is the time when you have to start throwing out things that you do not really need.

Calculate costs


Previously, I talked about reducing the number of items you carry to reduce the costs of this very scary and big project. But, even if you do things that cut down on expenses, you still need to know how much all of this will cost.

Usually, you can do all the calculations by yourself, but those expenses can vary in your calculations might be incorrect. For further details check out

Always keep an extra bit of money on the side, in case there are some unpredicted expenses

Start planning at least a few months beforehand


If you truly want to tackle this huge progress as efficiently as possible, the best thing you could do right now is to just create a plan. Yes, just by creating a plan, you could help yourself by a lot.

However, I suggest making it in advance, otherwise, it will not be as useful or help you to be more efficient. If you have this idea of what you will have to do when the day comes, you can be much more fortunate. You also have a much easier time to coordinate your friends, family, or whoever is with you to help you.

With a plan, you can be much more efficient while packaging and putting all of your stuff in the truck. Instead of randomly cramming items in a box and then taping it and throwing it in the back of the truck, you should be much more organized.

Keep reading if you want to find out why being organized for a move is so important.

Stay organized


I mentioned in the previous paragraph that it would be very useful if you do not randomly start packing all your things. That is because being organized can also make it easier for you to unpack when you reach your new home in New York City.

For example, during the first day when you reach your new home, you probably will not be able to unpack everything. You will just need your most essential things. A toothbrush, some fresh pair of clothing, your favorite shampoo, a few dishes, or cutlery, and that is about it. But, how are you going to get those things, if you did not properly plan and organize yourself?

Those boxes with your toothbrushes could be in the back of the truck which means you will have to take out everything to get to your toothbrushes. That is not smart or efficient at all.

Make sure you plan which box will go where and how important it will be when you get to your new home. Put all of your essential things in the truck at the end.

Everything else, you can just send it to a storage unit.

Consider getting moving insurance


The fact is that you are moving a lot of your valuable stuff from one state to another. We are talking about thousands of miles of transport. What I am trying to say is that there will always be a possibility that something might break during transport.

For those kinds of situations, I think it is best to have some kind of insurance. Fortunately, most of the time, companies will offer you to pay a little bit extra for moving insurance. In case something breaks, they will reimburse you for that damage.

Moving across the country to New York is definitely a huge and difficult step, but if you consider and do all of these things I mentioned in this article, I believe that everything will go smoothly for you.