Today we have prepared a very interesting topic for you, and it refers to the people who personally submit legal documents to other persons or companies. Do you already guess what it is about? If you do not know, there is no room for panic, because until recently I had no idea that there is such a job.

Our main topic today is process servers that are based in the UK, and we will dwell a little more on what their role is, and what qualifications this person should have to get such a job position.

Although you, like most the citizens, have not had the opportunity to be in contact with such a person, we can still tell you what it is about.

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies or series, you may have witnessed such a scene. One person approaches another and asks if this is your name, to which the other responds in the affirmative.

The next thing that happens in this scene is that the person who approaches the other person hands him an envelope or a letter and says “You’ve been served”. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, the person handing the envelope is called a process server.

What is a process server?


Although I have tried to explain this to you through some Hollywood footage you may have seen, here is a slightly more professional definition of this job position.

A process server is a person who is hired by lawyers or other legal entities, and this person, on behalf of the lawyer or the law firm from which he is hired, submits legal documents to the persons for whom they are intended.

These legal documents include lawsuits, appeals, summonses to court hearings, and many other legal documents related to criminal or civil proceedings. Maybe for you this job position would sound too simple, and you would think that the process server has the role of a courier or a postman.

However, this is not exactly the case, because this is a bit more complicated than you think. These people must have certain characteristics to be able to act as process servers.

For the necessary features and qualifications that you need to be able to do this, we will provide them below.

1. Must follow certain protocols in the delivery of documents


As mentioned earlier, the role of the process server is not very simple. The first reason is that this job requires too much responsibility from the person who will do it. Why? Because many protocols are involved in this process they must be followed and respected.

Take for example the summons to court, which are of great importance for both the sender and the recipient. They must be handed over in person to the person whose name appears on the invitation. Any other option to deliver is unacceptable, whether it was in the mailbox or not by a person related to the recipient.

2. They must be adaptable


This is one of the basic characteristics that a person who has such a role must possess. It has often happened that the recipients of lawsuits and similar legal documents are like ghosts, do not have a permanent residence address, often change jobs, and the like.

They are literally like ghosts, and the main purpose of the process server is to find this person and hand over the document. He should have excellent stalking skills and know how to find the recipient the easiest and fastest way. Finding someone for whom you have very little information, such as just a first and last name, is not an easy task.

3. They need to keep track of their work and be organized

Their work does not only involve the delivery of documents. They do much more than that. What you may not know is that they keep a record of each envelope served with the exact time, date, and place as well as the information they collected from the beginning of the task to its end. One of the qualities he must possess is excellent organization and management of the resources at his disposal.

4. Must have excellent communication skills


This role can be assigned only to someone who is an extremely kind and cheerful person, knows how to cooperate and how to have good communication with people.

Under no circumstances should a process server be someone who has conflicting characteristics, who is rude, or has a habit of offending people. Such characteristics are not desirable and, likely, such a person will not be hired for this position.

5. Must be persistent


Persistence is another of the qualities required for such a task, and anyone who is quite persistent would be consistent in getting this role. It often happened that the servers were given the task of submitting divorce documents, but if the recipient did not want to divorce the spouse, he did everything he could so he could not be found.

These situations are common in this work, and persistence is what would get the job done. There are cases when the recipients of the envelopes could not be found for days, months, or even years, but the server was persistent enough to find him and hand him the documents.

If you decide on this as a career choice, we must mention that the salary for such a job position can provide you with a comfortable life, because this job is paid enough. To be able to sail in these waters, you need to have enough experience, as well as to possess all the above characteristics. Additionally, we can mention that you have to be extremely good with technology and be a real detective in the field.

There are a lot of interested people who would like to put themselves in the position of a process server because this is a job that brings a lot of excitement and fun, as well as a lot of rewards. If you, too, want to take this path and are considering a career change, we strongly recommend that you consider this option and prepare for the surprises and thrills it offers.