When it comes to action, people today want it, and they want it immediately. The sports betting world recognized this long before most industries. It’s why as early as the 1990s, horse racing tracks began installing multiple satellite link ups to enable them to offer simulcast racing from anywhere on the planet.

Before most folks were on to the value of the internet, sports betting sites were working the world wide web for all it was worth. They were among the first industries to embrace and evolve to the online world. It enabled these sites to accept wagers from someone who was situated anywhere across the globe.

Among the sports wagering companies embracing this new technological option was the BetOnline sportsbook of VegasBetting. Founded in 2004 in Rochester, New York, BetOnline’s slogan is “focus on the player.” They embrace this approach with top-ranked customer service, cutting-edge technology, and attractive promotions.

BetOnline is also the possessor of a first-rate mobile sports betting app, and that’s a vital cog in terms of surviving in this rapidly-evolving tech world that we all reside in today. Things are changing in the blink of an eye, and that evolution includes the sports betting world.

Why Mobile Betting?


The emergence of the smartphone has enabled people to live their lives on the go, and it’s no different for sports bettors. They want access to their action wherever the day might take them. With a mobile app, that action is delivered 24/7.

“The true capability of sports wagering is mobile,” Parikshat Khanna, CEO of CG Technology, a Nevada-based licensed bookmaker, told Associated Press..

It’s estimated that as much as 80-90 percent of sports betting is done via a mobile device. A decade ago, that number was at 60 percent.

At the 2019 East Coast Gaming Conference, some of the top movers and shakers in the sports betting industry agreed the mobile technology isn’t merely the wave of the future, it’s opening doors to opportunities that probably have yet to be realized by the leading online betting sites.

“Innovation will drive through that,” said Moti Malui, CEO of NeoGames. “And who knows what mobile will look like 10 years from now?”

Mobile apps are fast, easy and, best of all, can be used anywhere. In the office (just make sure the boss isn’t looking), watching the game at the bar, waiting in line, while you’re on the can – hey, we won’t tell. While you’re out running that errand, you can also be running through the latest odds on the day’s sports events, and stay up to date on any developing wager that is showing potential to deliver a quick profit.

“Mobile betting is the way the world is moving,” said Dan Shapiro, vice president of strategy and business development at William Hill.


Betting sites have invested plenty of time, thought and know-how to ensure that anything a bettor can access via their online website is just as accessible through their mobile app. And all of the leading betting sites also ensure that their mobile technology is compatible to whatever operating system or device is in your possession.

Another asset is that all of the processes required to open an account with them can be done via your mobile device. Even though several U.S. states are moving toward legalizing sports betting, the vast majority of these states are still requiring that players show up in person to fill out forms in order to open up their sports betting account. It’s a decision that is utterly baffling in this fast-paced world, where most transactions can be achieved with a few taps of a keyboard and without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Even in Las Vegas, the granddaddy of the American sports betting landscape, new players seeking to open an account must trudge on down to the brick and mortar sportsbook in order to do so.

“Nevada was the leader in being able to allow mobile wagering (first) dating clear back to the wager pager,” Brendan Bussmann, a partner at casino research firm Global Market Advisors, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “But it has not taken the full leap with mobile registration.

“In order for Nevada to continue to be the leader in gaming regulation, it should evolve their regulations to allow mobile registration.”

Live Betting Is In Play


Mobile devices led to the development of the mobile sports betting app, and the development of the mobile sports betting app has led to the creation of the latest sensation in sports wagering, live or in play betting.

Live betting is to sports wagering what McDonalds was to the dining industry. It’s the fast food of betting. Ferris Bueller was ahead of his time when he noted that life moves pretty fast. It’s never moved faster than the speed it’s travelling at right now.

If a sports bettor can take the sports betting site wherever they go thanks to the development of the mobile sports betting app, then it was up to sites to be creative and come up with ways to enable them to take sports betting to another level.

Live betting that answer. In the past, you bet on the outcome of a game and waited until it was over to see if you’d cash a winner. Thanks to live betting, there are wagers virtually every minute of that game.

You like football? With live betting, you can wager on what type of score will be next in the game (touchdown, field goal, safety), will the next play be a pass or a run and which team will record the next first down.


Baseball bettors can get action on the next hit, next home and next pitching change. Hockey? Next goal, next penalty, and moneylines and totals for each period of play. Soccer wagers? How about the next red card, next foul, or next corner kick.

As long as there are live games being played, there are live bets being offered. And if your last wager didn’t come in, just wait a moment to bet again and search for the savory taste of instant gratification.

“Society’s movement to mobile in just about every area cannot be denied,” said David Rebuck, director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

“To ignore it will just cause problems in the future; Your customers want it.”