FM radio has always been in the market for almost several generations. If you have never used one before, one must have a fundamental grasp of how it works. As a result, you may believe that DAB is simply the exact old stuff in different packaging. In reality, it’s a lot better. It’s the future of the upcoming century. With the growing popularity of DAB radio with Bluetooth, there are a variety of choices in the market. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to enjoy songs from their smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

There are a few significant distinctions between the two versions, and DAB holds the upper hand. So why is DAB radio superior to FM?

DAB Radio Provides A Wider Range Of Options

This is the fundamental reason why so many have changed to DAB radio. FM has a finite amount of frequency, thus stations must be spaced widely apart to avoid interfering with one another. That means that in most cases, you’ll only be able to get upto fifteen different FM channels in any given place. This used to be sufficient to satisfy the general population. Users are accustomed to having many options now. Only a few generations old, television went digitized, and it’s difficult to remember a period when there were only a couple of stations to pick from.

Moreover, there is the online world to keep people occupied, with virtually unlimited entertainment and movie streams that are accessible almost everywhere. FM Radio needed to provide a little more to succeed in today’s world. As a result, DAB was invented! Digital radio, as the title indicates, is broadcast distinctly from FM radio.

The DAB stream is composed of a sequence of ones and zeroes rather than a standard radio broadcast. This, of course, means that many more channels can broadcast at the same time without stomping on each other’s feet. Up to 60 digitized radio stations might theoretically operate from a broadcasting system. In reality, however, each area generally has around 30 stations.

The Performance Has Improved


Digital radio provides listeners with more than simply a larger selection of channels. It also greatly improves the voice quality. FM, on the other hand, is limited to a single band. To snap it up, make sure your FM radio antennae is in the appropriate place. This limitation is eased with DAB, though.

DAB radio antennae, on the other hand, repeat the exact transmission. This provides your DAB radio with many opportunities to find a decent connection, which is very handy in congested regions. It also eliminates static cracking.

A Few Additional Qualities

Digital radio has many advantages over broadcasting alone. It may also transmit additional information in addition to the audio. Every channel also announces the title and artist of the presently playing music. Everyone won’t lose out on music you enjoy on the radio just because you don’t know what it’s called. You will recognize what’s on the dial instead!

To Conclude


Nevertheless, it is undeniable that DAB radio is superior to FM radio. It has more channels, a much more stable broadcast, and is a more modern means of listening in general. There’s no better time than now to change to digital radio if you haven’t already.