Betting and investing are two things that are very different but similar at the same time. They share the common feature of money as the final fruit of undergoing both activities, and the way to arrive at that last fruit is also pretty similar. Successful investing relies on a lot of careful calculation and research to ensure good returns. The same goes for gambling.

After all, the greatest gamblers are those that can count cards. But that being aside, betting or gambling is placing money on the probability of an event happening. Since it depends on chance, it’s slightly trickier than investing in general. Visit to know more about gambling and the intricacies of betting. The landscape of betting has changed over millennia.

Betting has existed even longer than we usually like to think. It has existed for thousands of years, quickly a few years after the concept of money began to emerge. But back then, calculation of more complicated bets required mathematical knowledge and know-how, which for obvious reasons did not exist until they appeared.

However, in the present world, things have changed, and the calculations and probability in betting are a lot more complicated than it once was. Therefore in this article, we’ll cover how betting has changed throughout the years and how the online betting scene is a lot safer than you think due to the developments in modern technology. That being said, without further ado, let’s get started!

Increase In Tech, Increase In Safety Online


Gambling, as we’ve previously stated before, has existed for centuries. But in the present day, it is being taken part in more frequently and on a scale like no other. Gambling online has become a vast network of many transfers of money in large amounts throughout each day, and just like a moth drawn to a flame, hackers are drawn to online betting sites for cyber hacking and attacks to steal money virtually.

Any online website that deals in gambling services will not be a revered one as long as they have a decent security system, and as time passes by, the demands for more safety keeps increasing.

Tech To Ensure Safety For Online Gambling


All said and done. Customers want results more than anything. Just blatant remarks about trying to make the internet a safer place for gamblers is not what’s needed, and this is the difference between successful sites and unsuccessful ones. Therefore, here are the various technologies that they have adopted are as follows:

Crypto Technology


Cryptocurrency technology is a revolution in the world of technological development. It has paved the way for so many currencies currently. The beauty of this tech is the art of cryptography, a method of encrypting data that goes in and out of a cryptic network.

Online gambling sites are using this technology to increase the safety of their players by the day. It is done by recording all the data of winning and money transactions in a 100% foolproof and encrypted method, so the money reaches the right hands at the right time.

Moreover, they are beginning to introduce this even onto the currency arena, which means that they will slowly have people adapt to cryptocurrencies instead of national currencies via encrypted wire transfer. This will boost the overall safety of the system and lead to better and faster transaction procedures.

SSL Technology


SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Technology is one of the best encryption methods to exist currently. These are used predominantly all over the internet for encryption purposes. They have now begun to implement this technology even for casinos and online gambling sites to effectively encrypt the data that goes in and out of the electrical register. To explain how this thing works is very simple.

The essence of this technology is that, let’s say, A and B are two people exchanging money. Doing it in the open is susceptible to theft or loss. They come up with an idea to trade it in a secret tunnel somewhere where no one comes. Hence this is precisely what SSL does. It gives people a concrete platform and tech to exchange currencies or data without any third person or party stealing it and misuse it.

Use of AI


Artificial intelligence is inching closer and closer to being as powerful as human intelligence itself. But currently, it is still in progress with a lot of work to be done. However, this doesn’t mean that it is useless.

After all, rudimentary AI is beneficial for online purposes. Detecting any anomalies and irregularities in the normal functioning of casinos activities requires many competent technicians at the heart of the IT centre of the gambling site.

This usually leads to a lot more costs for the gambling site or casino, and hence a lot of them rely on rudimentary AI to bolster their security and safety for their customers. It enforces innovative learning and uses security protocols in the form of algorithms to detect any threat to the system and immediately notify the team to sort the issue.

Shortly, though, we will have advanced far more than we currently have, and the AI will be a lot better in ensuring safety. It could even eliminate the threats themselves, for all we know.

The Nora Technology


There’s making use of general technology and making use of one that is specifically designed for a cause or activity. Nora technology is one such software used to cater to the safety problems of online gambling sites and casinos.

The Nora 2.0 Tech is a well-designed piece of code that is made to reinforce the safety system of the firewalls and other antiviruses. It is a constant learning technology that will quickly help the site’s customers transact their money with no issues.