Today no tutorial, YouTube video, or vlog can be imagined without good background audio content. This is explained by the special experience it evokes in viewers and is therefore indispensable. Many people who do a job that requires posting various types of video content on the Internet are aware of the fact that they can’t simply take a song they like and use it as background music in their video. Otherwise, they may be sued by the copyright holder and bear the consequences. In fact, they have to buy a license from the author and only then be able to use it in their projects. Royalty free music was created In response to this system and as a mitigating circumstance for many influencers. It allows customers to use the tune with a single payment of a music license for as long as they need it. Unlike paying copyright, which means paying a fee whenever the music is used again, this seems like a really good solution.

Probably the concept of ‘royalty free’ confuses you at the moment. And even though the word ‘free’ is the part of the name, it doesn’t really mean that it’s absolutely without costs, but it’s certainly a much better option than contacting the author and obtaining a license that way. To gain a clearer view of what it is about, stay tuned.

What is royalty free music?


Royalty free music is a song licensing concept that allows the customer to use all available songs without limits for a single fee.

The principle is rather simple. Once you find a trusted website that provides these services, you purchase a license from it. The price isn’t defined by the number of followers. So, regardless of whether you have five thousand or ten thousand followers, you’ll pay once and you’ll be able to use their services as long as you need them.

For example, if you need a background song for an ad that’ll be broadcast on radio or television, this turns out to be a real deal. Once a license has been purchased, you have the right to broadcast it an unlimited number of times during the week or month.

It could be said that this option gives a lot of freedom to the user. With a single payment, we can use the available audio tracks for multiple projects. Admittedly, the savings that can be made in this case are great and tempting. The synchronization fee, which doesn’t need to be repeated, has intrigued a large number of customers around the world and has gained in popularity over time.

When you opt for the copyright-free option, you must keep in mind that the fee is paid in a certain amount depending on the size of the territory and how many times the audio recording will be used. In this case, you’d have to pay the fee again each time you want to use some music again.

Is it really costless?


The word ‘free’ in the title can often confuse potential users who are considering accepting this trend. However, no matter how many benefits it provides, the option of using the available songs without any costs isn’t one of them. You’ll agree, with all the mitigating circumstances provided to customers in this way, we must be tolerant of that tiny fee. After all, it’s much less than what you’d have to pay to the copyright holder.

Such a concept wouldn’t even exist if the authors were left without the earnings they could have on it, logically. However, payment isn’t necessary every time the licensed content is reused and this is certainly a great advantage. You will no longer have to worry about using songs longer than planned and forgetting to renew your license. This simplifies things quite a lot, right?

Some independent artists won’t ask for money but will want some kind of promotion from your part in exchange for using their music. They’ll want their name to appear below your video, or something similar. According to joystock, there’s a possibility to run an ad before your YouTube video and thus avoid paying additional credit. Therefore, we suggest that when you plan to achieve cooperation, you should read all the conditions on time and be well informed about what will be requested from you in exchange for these services.



From what has been written before, you can easily understand that the benefits of royalty free music are really numerous. Of course, you’ll come across various offers from different service providers, but there’s no doubt that each of them will do their best to give you what you need and thus surpass the competition.

Some of the biggest advantages of this concept are high-quality audio recordings, which are crucial today in a time of unlimited technical possibilities and sophisticated hearing for listeners. Then, there are numerous options available and the choice is unlimited, so you’ll surely find what suits your needs. A monthly subscription, simple rules, and a great user experience are benefits worth attention. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being sued for copyright infringement. Your projects will obtain a satisfying final form and be ready for public presentation.

Why should you use it?


We have already mentioned this since the beginning of this article, but it’s fundamental to pay special attention to this aspect, so we’ll take this opportunity to emphasize it once again.

The social networks on which you post your videos, as well as YouTube, have special rules regarding the use of original music. Without a license for certain copyrighted songs, you run the risk of being banned from publishing and being sued. So, all of a sudden, you find yourself in big trouble only because you wanted to share something educational or funny with your online followers. That’s why the royalty free option is made quite affordable and accessible enough to help you gain some freedom.

You need to act responsibly even in those things that you see as entertainment. Nowadays, many areas are regulated by law, including artistic creation, and that’s why we should be well informed at the very beginning before we embark on something. Posting compelling video content on a particular topic can be a great startup business idea, but like any other business, it carries certain rules that must be followed – and we believe you’re going to rock it!