Learning a new language can help you move forward in your career. By becoming bilingual and conversational in another language other than your native one, you become more valuable and interesting to a potential employer. The ability to converse with people worldwide is a valuable skill that leads to improved communication and personal relationships.

However, with the digital and online world, it can be more difficult to find in-person language classes that really grab your attention. Instead, learning languages, like Spanish, English, French online can be a great way to quickly and effectively increase your speaking, writing, and reading skills. 

Let’s see why learning German can help your professional life and one website that stands out amongst the rest. If you’re looking for German tutors, click here.

Why learning German can help you professionally

Studying German is a great way to aid in your job search, ensuring you stand out among other candidates, excel at your profession, and improve your relationships. By using online learning services like Preply, you can tailor your web-based experience to suit your needs. 

Global outlook


Learning another language can make a huge difference between being the top candidate for a job and being glossed over. Companies will always choose you over another potential option if you can speak German, which will be a huge asset to their corporation.

Many businesses have links abroad, whether it be to Europe, Asia, or another continent. These connections often bring us to German-speaking people and countries that will benefit from having you as part of the company. 

Impress employers


Being able to discuss any time you’ve spent in another country conversing in the native language will look impressive to future employers. Time spent learning another culture demonstrates that you are patient when learning a new skill and can adapt to a new environment. 

Germans are well-known for their promptness, attention to detail, and efficient attitude towards finishing their work and projects. If you have worked in Germany and learned how to speak the language, employers will note your professionalism.

Job opportunities


The economy in Germany is one of the best in Europe. Top companies are always searching for potential employees, especially those who can speak two languages. If you learned how to speak German, and your native language is English or another widely spoken language, you will stand out among the large employee market. 

Expand your horizons


German is a language used in many poems, books, movies, and cultural attractions. Studying German can open your realm of understanding to incorporate other items you may have never thought possible.

Broadening your cultural comprehension and gaining access to in-depth knowledge that comes with learning German will help you discover more about yourself and others. 

Immerse yourself in the culture 


If you spend time in Germany, learning the country’s mother tongue is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of the country. By speaking conversationally with others and locals, you can find out the best places to visit and form deeper relationships with the locals. Having a greater understanding, history, empathy, and tolerance for others is a great way to improve your attitude towards other people. 

Retrain your brain


Studying a new language can help rewire and train your brain to learn new skills. By learning this famous language, you can improve your cognitive abilities, helping your thought process and thinking patterns. By switching between problem-solving, translating, and critical thinking, you can improve the efficiency of your brain. Furthermore, studying a new language can improve your vocabulary and grammar in your mother tongue – yes, really! 

Go to the source

In the world, there are over 6,000 spoken languages. Sometimes, we find ourselves reaching for our smartphone to use Google translate when deciphering a sign, book, magazine, or text message. However, speaking German can let us gain access to information that otherwise would be lost to us. 

Learn other languages too


Getting to know a second language can help us re-work our brain so it becomes easier to learn additional languages. Once you have mastered the second language of German, you can expand your language knowledge to include others, like Spanish, French, Swedish, or Estonian. When you learn a new language, your brain forms new networks that weren’t being used before, priming these pathways for further education. 

Increase your confidence

If you are a beginner in a language, it can be daunting to order a coffee at your local cafe or speak to the bus driver. However, once you master it, you can feel confident traveling around Austria and Germany, speaking to locals, reading street signs, and conversing with people at a nearby restaurant. 

Use Preply to learn online


Now that you have decided to learn German to boost your career, where do you start? We have an idea – head to Reply to choose from one of the thousands of online tutors to personalize and customize your learning experience.

You can filter through thousands of online tutors to find the ones which suit your learning style, availability, and personality. When choosing a Preply tutor, you can set filters, such as:

  • Native speaker preference – do you want someone whose first language is German?
  • Availability per day and per week
  • Price per hour – typically ranges from $15-$40 per hour 
  • Origin country – do you want someone who hails from Germany or Austria? 
  • Specialties – this filter lets you choose teachers who focus on certain subjects, like:
    • AP German
    • Austrian German
    • Business German
    • Conversational German
    • General German
    • German for beginners
    • Intensive German
    • SAT German
    • testDAF

Using online web-based learning can help us effectively master a new language by setting our own schedule, choosing a personalized teacher, and ensuring a native speaker teaches us. 


Finding the right teacher is a crucial part of learning any new skill – the same goes for language. By searching tutors on Preply, you can narrow down the list to highly qualified teachers who match your learning style, work with your schedule, and make you feel confident in your abilities.