These days, the cost of any kind of TV streaming is cheaper and better than ever. Just a few years ago we were bound to cable TV because it was our only good option. Everything else was either too expensive or not equipped with enough channels. But, it seems like things have taken a turn these last couple of years. Other options are becoming better and more affordable than regular cable. Satellite dish installation and online streaming platforms are cheaper than ever. The reasons to consider cable are reducing by the day.

However, with so many new businesses trying to become a part of this market, it can be a bit difficult to find the right one. I assume that you are looking for something that is inexpensive that offers interesting features and benefits. Fortunately, there are a lot of satellite TV companies that do have this kind of offers.

To convince you that this kind of TV streaming service might the best out of the bunch, I decided to write this guide for 2024 that will tell you about all the possible expenses during a satellite dish installation.

Its cheaper than cable


People still cannot believe the fact that satellite is finally cheaper than what cable companies have to offer. I know, it does not sound believable, but it is true. Cable companies have been trying so hard to stay relevant in these past few years and in 2024 that their prices have spiked several times. Their plans offer too little benefits or channels for such a heavy price tag.

So, if you want more channels and higher-quality content, it makes sense to go with the satellite TV option instead of anything else. Not only will you get higher quality of content, you will also save a lot of money.

Although, if you truly want to save money, you will have to do the reaserach and find which company offers the lowerst prices because there are definitely some businesess out there that inflate their prices for no apparent reason.

But, overall, implementing satellite TV dish in your home is a much cheaper option than having to install cable. This is especially true if a cable has not  been run through your home before.

Cheaper than some online streaming platforms


These days, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other online streaming platforms have been dominating the problem. They are the reason why so many people have quit on their cable and have settle for this kind of option. It is cheaper, it is faster and offers much higher-quality of content. It also allows you to watch the same content on your TV, your computer, your tablet and your phone. It does not matter which kind of device you have access to.

However, satellite TV services have made a comeback in 2019 and in 2024. With the right dish and the right company, you might get by with a much cheaper price than Hulu’s $7 plan. Yes, you heard that right.

Keep in mind, the cost of installation for a dish is definitely more than $7, but when you calculate the yearly expenses, it will definitely be cheaper than Hulu’s option. Even Hulu’s plan was cheaper, you should consider the fact that you will be getting a much smaller amount of content. With a dish, you will definitely getting access to a lot more channels.

You might even get access to 4K content while Hulu will require you to pay extra to get higher-quality content. Other platforms such as Netflix or Disney Plus are even more expensive. They can cost up to $15 a month.

Satellite dishes are inexpensive


In the past, satellite dishes were very expensive. Summing up the price of the service, the installation and the dish itself, you could easily end up paying over $300 dollars. But, that is the past. Things are completely different. You can end up paying only a third of that while getting a lot more features.

Today, you could get a very powerful dish for $50 or maybe even less on websites such as Amazon. Of course, you always have the choice of paying extra. There are some devices that can cost well over $200. But, unless you are in a very remote location, there really is no need for equipment that is so expensive.

When you compare this to the $50 dollars that a cable TV company might charge you for their device, this makes for a much better offer as suggested by

Satellite Dish Installation is also cheap


I assume that you do not have the slightest idea how to install a device such as this by yourself. Most of us don’t. That is normal. That is why we rely on a professional who know what to do and who are willing to take the risking of climbing on roofs and using power tools.

If you ever got the idea of doing this installation by yourself, I suggest against that idea.

After sorting through several websites on the Internet I was able to find several different installation prices. Some were under a $100 and others were well over $200. But, the realistic average is much lower than $200. From the data I analysed, I believe that an installation of a satellite dish will cost you under $80. Combine that cost with the device you have purchased and you get a total cost of less than $150.

It might sound like a lot at first, but once you consider that this is a one-time payment, it is actually cheap. Netflix’s standard plan costs around $8 which is very limited. The better plan is around $10. Multiply those $10 with 12 months and you get a yearly price of $120. Lower than the cost of satellite dish installation, but your dish will last you for a lot more years. In other words, you are definitely getting by with a much cheaper expense.

As you can see satellite TV services are finally much better, filled with features and cheaper than other alternatives.